April 2019 Report

The last month has seen some fairly typical March weather with the odd lovely Spring day… the water temperatures have been slowly rising which has resulted in some fly hatches, the late afternoons has produced some large buzzer hatches, particularly on Rosie’s.

The increased fly activity has brought fish higher in the water table with floating lines working the best, and the best flys have been the usual suspects of blue damsel, montana and black buzzer.

It’s been good to see the steady stream of browns coming out of all the lakes, they are beautiful specimens, and because of their solid muscle mass they smoke particularly well for those of you who own smokers.

As we head into April and May it will be interesting to see how quickly the water temperatures rise, hopefully we won’t get such a hot Summer as last year , I am often asked what effect global warming is having on our industry, and the answer is a huge amount, I actually think it is more noticeable in the Winter. We don’t get such cold Winter weather resulting in the water temperature in the lakes is 10 – 14 degrees coming into the Spring, which means that as soon as the warmer weather arrives they very quickly go through the magic 21 degree’s mark when trout start to suffer… cold Winters years ago when a sledge was a good Christmas present appear a long distant memory ! All of this means that the Summer is becoming harder for fisheries particularly in Southern England, thank goodness here at Duncton we had Birch Lake dug out years ago, with its separate spring and great depth it can handle extreme Summers.

Anyway, maybe it will be cold and rain all Summer!!! We shall see…

Look forward to seeing you beside the lakes this Spring

Tight Lines

Heaviest Fish
Brown – Mr Stevens 8lb 6oz
Rainbow – Mr William 6lb 2oz

Water Temperature 12 Degree’s