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April 2019 Report

The last month has seen some fairly typical March weather with the odd lovely Spring day… the water temperatures have been slowly rising which has resulted in some fly hatches, the late afternoons has produced some large buzzer hatches, particularly on Rosie’s. The increased fly activity has brought fish higher in the water table with… Read more »

Martins Mid March Report

WE ARE NOW A MEMBERS ONLY WATER The end of Feb and early March proved an interesting contrast between those warm February days and the constant windy early weeks of March. the fish were moving up for surface flys during the February period but have been pushed deep with the March windy conditions. We had… Read more »

February 2019 Report

January ended up as a fairly typical Winter month with the usual mix of cold winds together with dull days and finishing with snow, when you look back at the records it shows that the last week in January is the most common for snow in the whole year. January often feels like the month… Read more »

January 2019 Report

HAPPY NEW YEAR! The last month has seen some unusually warm conditions with the grass appearing to grow right through the Winter – we had some great rainfall in November, although the past few weeks have been very dry. The warmer conditions resulted in a few fly hatches in the late afternoon. Fishing has been… Read more »

Martins November2018 Report

WE ARE NOW OPEN TO DAY TICKETS It has been a good early Autumn on the lakes with conditions being great for fishing, we have had a number of sunny clear days which have pushed the fish deep, but this has made standing by the lakes pleasurable. After such a dry hot Summer the lakes… Read more »

Early September Report 2018

Well – where do you start ? What a Summer its been, currently no need to be flying to the Mediterranean… The constant hit of high night and day temperatures has had a huge effect on the fishery with the result that the main lakes were running at a temperature of between 25 and 27… Read more »

July / August Update 2018

A few simple words sum it up HOT HOT HOT ! It was almost inevitable that after the long cold Winter, with the ‘Beast from the East’ that we would have a scorcher of a Summer, when this hot weather started, I didn’t expect it to last this long. As you can imagine the water… Read more »

June 2018 Report

Well, its always interesting how nature tends to level itself out – after such a long Winter we have now had the warmest May since 1920 apparently… at the beginning of May the lakes were running at 13 degree’s they are now at 22 degree’s quite a fast rise. This is partly due to the… Read more »

May Report 2018

Well the weather has certainly changed with it being one of those years that goes straight from Winter to Summer bypassing Spring. We have had some very high temperatures over the weekend with plenty of sun, which us thankfully drying out the ground. The grass is beginning to really grow in earnest – we are… Read more »

April Report 2018

Writing this with the weather forecast for next week it finally looks like the end of some awful Spring weather, it really has been a particularly bad Winter with a huge quantity of rain, with our clay soils at saturation point it really has become very muddy in places around the fishery, especially on Birch,… Read more »