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Spring Fly Suggestions

Below are some new season Spring Fly suggestions for members to try. Sinking and Lures. Black/Red gold bead head Buzzer. Crisp Packet cheeks version weighted. Green /silver bead head Buzzer. Red Tinsel ribbed Diawl Bach. Olive Hairs Ear. Pheasant tail size 12 with red or green thorax. Very Pale Olive Mara bough Blue Flash Damsel… Read more »

Ians Autumn Handy Hints

Some fly suggestions for Autumn gleaned out of my fishing diary over many years fishing at Duncton. Best to now try Daddy Longlegs sunk version with silver body and green or red DFM butt. Blue flash Damsel with red or orange hot head versions always scores. White and green or black and green Nomads. Yellow… Read more »

Free Coaching Dates!

We will be running free coaching days when Ian Hoper will be around all day to offer advice and techniques, Ian is an excellent instructor and knows the water like the back of his hand so please come along if you need any help, however, small or large, Ian will be around the lakes all… Read more »

Ians Spring Fly Suggestions

Best Blue flash Damsel, Yellow dancer, Cats whisker with Orange bead head ,Black and green DFN Nomad and White and Green DFN variant. Gold Rib Hairs Ear (GRHE)Black and green Cormorant. Black Buzzer and Green weighted Buzzers on sunny days, Apps Blood worms fished deep and new Wiggly Worm’ s in wine red and orange… Read more »

Ians Handy Tips

September is the exiting month to fish the Daddy Longlegs ,dry or sunk . Fish it around the weed beds before the first frosts kill them off . My all time favourite Daddy’s are the sunk Green Arsed UV Daddy as in this August Trout Fisherman mag Issue 474 page 22 , see also on… Read more »

Ians Handy Tips

Flys to try for June Fishing Looking back to 2000 in my fly fishing diary June can be a difficult month to catch if its very bright warm and sunny, the preferred weather is damp, overcast with low pressure, however evenings can be very exciting, if you stay late enough there are fish rising all… Read more »