Dear Martin and Caroline,

Thank you for making our Trophy Day a day to remember. The welcome, the fishery, the fish (especially the char), the food and the hard work you both put in, makes all our members love Duncton days.

You saw how our magnificent Nymfers managed to raise a record breaking £4,600 in donations, giving £4000 to the Cornwall Air Ambulance, £400 to the Child Bereavement charity and £200 to Cancer Research UK by sponsoring our Dave’s Kilimanjaro climb.

It wasn’t just our Nymfers that broke records. Your generous offer to the boys of an ‘all inclusive’ fishing day is the biggest donation that Nymfs has had since we started.

It is only by generous donations that we are able to have such an excellent Raffle & Auction and thereby raise the amount of money we do. I know that Mike and David, acting on behalf of our posthumous Grand Nobbler Nick Milligan, who tragically lost his life in the horrific speedboat accident at Padstow last May, also send their thanks.

Susie Smith the fundraising manager of the Cornwall Air Ambulance Trust enjoyed a typical Nymfs welcome at Duncton on Trophy Day. After she had managed to winkle out a couple of trout in the afternoon, she was delighted to receive a nice big cheque at dinner in the evening.

She was most impressed that a small group had managed to raise such a large sum. It is nice to know that the money raised will go towards equipment that will enable the Helicopters to fly life saving night missions in winter months, for the first time.

Our new Nobbler Duncan, aided by his friend Martin, is busy working out which charity or charities we’ll be fishing for next year and as soon as we know we’ll let you know.

Yours Stan, On behalf of Nymfs

Dear Martin and Caroline,

We wanted to write and say on behalf of everyone at Gerald Eve, thank you for hosting such wonderful fishing, shooting and archery day on Friday for us and our clients. The day was again, a complete success and we have already had many thank you notes pouring in! The instructors were very patient and personable, making for a fun and relaxed atmosphere.

As always, your food was fantastic and really helped set the tone of the day. The setting was perfect and we were very lucky with the weather!

We have had a great response from our clients and look forward to hosting another day at the Fishery next year.

Simon Prichard, Gerald Eve LLP

Caroline & Martin

You lovely, generous, caring people.

Nymfs are truly grateful to each of you for letting us come to your lovely fishery, for making us so welcome, for providing brilliant “spreads” like the lunch and Dinner on Friday, for giving us lots of goodies like the mass ticket for fishing and lunch for auction, for storing left-behind pictures and prizes through the year and for always, always having smiles on your faces.

With best wishes

Stan, David & Peter

Dear Martin & Caroline

I am writing on behalf of Fishing For Fun to express our very warm appreciation of all that you, your family, staff and lamb roasters did for us to make our 25th Anniversary Celebration such a success. The lunch was particularly excellent and its setting in the courtyard gave it a great ambience. All the feedback that I have had has been most enthusiastic.

Thank you again for all your help both in the preparation stages and on the day.

Ronald Smith, Chairman, Fishing for Fun