Early September Report 2018

Well – where do you start ? What a Summer its been, currently no need to be flying to the Mediterranean…

The constant hit of high night and day temperatures has had a huge effect on the fishery with the result that the main lakes were running at a temperature of between 25 and 27 degree’s for many weeks. This is very tight for trout to survive to put it mildly, we lost a few in Rosie’s after a few constant hot weeks, but thankfully this stabilized off with the other fish surviving through. Obviously we couldn’t stock the lakes during this extreme weather, it takes a long time for the water to cool back down, at the time of writing this report the temperature has dropped to 22 degree’s so we are heading in the right direction.

Thankfully Birch was available this Summer, with its cool spring water and great depth we managed to keep it fishing even in the extreme heat, although there were some days where it was far too hot to fish… sitting in the shade just enjoying the surroundings under the tree’s was a much better idea.

The fish sunk deep during the day and were taking small patterns, these methods are still working on Birch and it is fishing well, hopefully we will be able to stock up the main lakes again at the beginning of September.

With the weather likely to change soon, we can look forward to some more suitable fishing conditions, expect to see the fish moving up to take surface flys, and hopefully we will get a good ‘daddy’ hatch – we will be stocking some lovely Browns in September, they have been growing in the Millpond, and are beautiful specimens, and will provide some great sport.

We all look forward to a cooler September – and remember we will be opening to Day Tickets on Monday 8th October.

Tight Lines

Heaviest Fish:
Rainbow – Mr Snelling 4lb
Brown – Mr Bleatham 3lb 10oz
Tiger – Mr Harrison 4lb