February 2019 Report

January ended up as a fairly typical Winter month with the usual mix of cold winds together with dull days and finishing with snow, when you look back at the records it shows that the last week in January is the most common for snow in the whole year.

January often feels like the month for the most die-hards anglers, or the ones with the best quality coats!!!
For those venturing out the fishing has been good with the best sport being on sinking lines with white or orange patterns, on the few warmer days we have been getting some buzzer hatches late in the afternoon, this has led to some great sport with floating lines and black buzzer fished just sub surface.

With Spring just around the corner the lakes are beginning to warm up and we would expect to see some more buzzer activity, with warmer water life in the lakes will become more active so use damsel patterns, hares ear and pheasant tail nymph.

We have had a good number of browns caught this Winter which has been great, we will stock larger numbers in the coming month to add variety throughout the Spring.

Please see our list of closed date this Spring to avoid disappointment, we have a number of fishing clubs coming to visit over the Spring.

As usual any questions you may have please catch myself or Roger and we will be happy to answer them, we look forward to seeing you beside the lakes very soon.

Tight Lines

Water Temp: 7 degree’s

Heaviest Fish:
Mr Finch 4lb 8oz Brown
Mr Williams 4lb 4oz Rainbow