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Before Fishing

1.  Read the rules (below)

2.  Dip your net in the tub for at least 30 seconds

3.  Members: Pay fees due to staff member or through office door.  Sign into the book, specifying whether on 10 Fish Ticket or Season Rod Membership

4.  Guests: Pay any due fees due to staff member or through office door.  Note that you must be accompanied by a member.  Sign into the book specifying whether 2 or 4 Fish Ticket.  Members may bring the same guest a maximum of 3 visits a year.

5.  Day tickets: Confirm that Duncton is open to Day Tickets at the time of fishing.  As a general guide, we open to Day Tickets from mid October to mid March each year.  Pay any fees due to staff member or through office door in provided envelope.  Sign into the book.

General Fishery Rules

  1. Fishing must cease when the bag limit is reached.  Fishing may continue after another ticket has been purchased.  No transfer of fish or allowances between anglers.  Fish must not be returned to the water under any circumstances.
  2. Fishing with one fly only.  Maximum hook size is no 10 long shank and total overall length (including dressing) must not exceed 1 inches.  Barbless hooks are not permitted.
  3. Fish must not be gutted on the premises.
  4. Anglers must park their cars in the yard adjacent to the club house, on the grass beneath the trees, or beside the entrance gate to the New Lake as an overflow area.
  5. All fish caught must be weighed and recorded in the clubhouse.
  6. No dogs allowed on the fishery.
  7. Anglers must stay within the bounds of the fishery, clubhouse, car park, and public bridle way.  Any other parts of the estate are out of bounds.
  8. Children must be accompanied by adults at all times.
  9. The management retain the right to ask anyone disregarding the rules or acting in a manner detrimental to the fishery, estate or other anglers to leave the premises immediately.
  10. The management accept no liability for personal injuries received by any angler or for any loss or damage to personal property.


After Fishing

  1. Weigh and record your catch in the sign in book
  2. If on 10 Fish Ticket, sign and leave your ticket in 10 Fish box
  3. If you require assistance or help, please speak to Martin or a member of the staff.




Staff at Duncton: Martin, Caroline and Roger


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