January 2019 Report


The last month has seen some unusually warm conditions with the grass appearing to grow right through the Winter – we had some great rainfall in November, although the past few weeks have been very dry. The warmer conditions resulted in a few fly hatches in the late afternoon.

Fishing has been good with most fish being taken deep in the lakes with blue damsel being the best fly during December, at the time of writing we are getting colder easterly winds which are pushing the fish deep in the lakes.

During these conditions go deep with fast sink lines and use more Winter patterns such as cats whisker, orange staling bug and bloodworm.

The stocking of Browns during the early Autumn and Winter has prove very successful with a large number of these lovely fish being caught, as January moves into February we hope that we don’t get another icy spell like last year. At the present time the lakes are holding a high temperature – 8 degree’s which is warm for this time of year.

Remember the log burner is always lit in the club room, with tea, coffee and cake available throughout the day, so if you feel a little chilly beside the lakes, pop in and have a warm up.

Tight Lines

Water Temp 8 degree’s

Heaviest Fish:
Brown Trout – E Vickers 5lb
Rainbow – L Mathews 6lb 12 oz