July / August Update 2018

A few simple words sum it up HOT HOT HOT !

It was almost inevitable that after the long cold Winter, with the ‘Beast from the East’ that we would have a scorcher of a Summer, when this hot weather started, I didn’t expect it to last this long.

As you can imagine the water temperatures are rising quickly, especially with the warm nights, we are now holding about 23 degree’s in the main lakes, the fish haven’t been very happy and we have lost a few in Rosie’s after one sticky night, we can’t stock these lakes at the present time, as any fish introduced into these temperatures will just die.

This is especially frustrating as the lakes are in brilliant condition, apart of course from the water temperatures! Sooner or later this hot weather will break and we can start stocking again.

Birch Lake being deeper and with its own spring has fared better, the surface water temperatures have been hot, but the lake has stratified with the fish living in the cooler depths, the best methods during this hot period is a fast sink line, try a very small buzzer pattern with a very slow retrieve. We are managing to keep stocking Birch, so give it a go if you can handle the heat, once the weather does break it will make the fishing a little more productive again.

Anyway enjoy the sun, lets face it, its normally a rare thing in the average British Summer.

Water Temp: 23 degrees

Best Fish in June:
Rainbow 4lb – Mr Barrett
Brown 8lb 6oz – Mr Knee