June 2018 Report

Well, its always interesting how nature tends to level itself out – after such a long Winter we have now had the warmest May since 1920 apparently… at the beginning of May the lakes were running at 13 degree’s they are now at 22 degree’s quite a fast rise. This is partly due to the lack of weed on Rosies and Coot which has meant no shade in the clear water. This slow weed growth is probably due to the long Winter, it has been great for us as it has meant much less weed cutting, not one of our favourite jobs, but bad for the water temperatures and its is also possible there may be some algae problems due to the nutrients in the water not being used up by the weed. It will be interesting to see what happens in the Summer months to come.

The fishing was very easy at the beginning of May but with the much warmer weather the fish on the main lakes are in their usual Summer pattern, this meas they are going quiet during the day and then feeding heavily at dusk, we are getting some great evening rises with the fish showing in the last hour before dark, Rosies as usual around marquee may is the best. If you are fishing the evening rise make sure you come in late, too many anglers are coming in and leaving the fishery by 8pm – this is no good, you need to be fishing until it gets dark. If you are fishing during the day think small patterns with black buzzer and dawl being the best.

As in previous Summers we will concentrate the stocking on Birch during the warm weather, with its spring red water and great depth it runs considerately colder even in the hottest of Summers, the fish will go deep in the heat so think fast sink lines and remember she goes to 35 foot, again go for smaller patterns with a slow retrieve.

It could be an interesting Summer if it starts to get very warm, as we haven’t had a hot one for a few years – enjoy the sunshine, and always remember sunscreen, there is always a bottle in the club room if you forget!!!

We look forward to seeing you beside the lakes

Heaviest Fish:
Mr Oakley – Rainbow 6lb 8oz
Mr Oakham – Brown 3lb