Martins November2018 Report


It has been a good early Autumn on the lakes with conditions being great for fishing, we have had a number of sunny clear days which have pushed the fish deep, but this has made standing by the lakes pleasurable.

After such a dry hot Summer the lakes started to cool down at the beginning of September which resulted in the fish starting to feed again.

Looking back at the Summer when we were recording temperatures averaging 27 degree’s in Rosie’s and Coot for several weeks we were thankful that we dug Birch out so deeply all those years ago, as it fished right through all the hot weather, due to its extreme depth and separate spring. I have been fish farming and running lakes since 1980 and have never seen lakes running that hot – maybe a sign of things to come.

As we now head into Winter the fish are becoming more active, with them hitting hard to Blue Damsel, Montana, Gold Head Daddy and Black Buzzer, as I have previously said, on sunny days expect the fish to be deeper in the lake, and use an intermediate line. As the water cools even more Bloodworm and Cats Whisker will also start to work.

We are stocking some lovely Browns at the moment, as as the water is cooling more of them are being caught, if anyone owns a smoker, try smoking them, they are delicious…

As it gets cooler remember the fire will be lit in the club room to warm those cold fingers, together with tea, coffee and cake.. we look forward to seeing you beside the lakes.

Tight Lines

Water Temperature: 10 degree’s

Heaviest Fish
Mr Williams – Rainbow 7lb 8oz
Mr Sturdy – Brown 4 1/4 lb