May 2019 Report

The last month has seen a very varied batch of weather, from quite cold winds through to that amazing Easter weekend, all of which has left nature quite confused with the grass being quite slow to grow and no sign of any week in the lakes yet, with the warmer days we are starting to see some good hatches of Buzzer and Alder.

All the lakes have been fishing well with fish feeding fairly near the surface, Birch has fished well all round…

You will have seen from our twitter account that we are stocking some big browns in both Rosies and Birch, so look out for them, in Birch they often cruise around the bank or hang around the water inlet, if you hook one by the bridge, get it away from there as quickly as possible, they are clever fish and will go for the bridge supports…

Rosie has been the most productive either in marquee bay or along the trench on the north bank, Coot has proved best right through the deeper middle trench. The best flies on all the lakes have been blue damsel and black buzzer. No doubt sooner or later the hot weather will arrive so remember if it gets really hot either fish deep in Birch or wait for the evening rise on the other lakes.

We look forward to seeing you beside the lakes this Summer and lets hope it doesn’t get as hot as last year

Tight Lines

Water Temp: 15 degree’s

Heaviest Fish:
Rainbow – Mr Davis 8lb 3oz
Brown – Mr Phillips 7lb 4oz