Martins October 2019 Report

We begin this report with the very sad news that Dan and Michelle Gale will now not be coming to take over the lease at Duncton Mill – due to personal reasons they felt that they were unable to take up the opportunity to be custodians of this beautiful place.

This means some adjustments on our part and sadly for us a delay on our new life in Devon – we will be staying at Duncton until next Summer so business, memberships, corporate and club bookings will continue as usual – Caroline will be baking lemon drizzle cakes for a while yet!

We really have appreciated everyones support over the past months in attending the ‘Meet the Members’ Day and our Farewell Fishing Day last Saturday – both days were really successful with some wonderful fish caught, including a specimen 11lb Blue caught by Robert Hughes – you can see the photograph on our twitter account, your kind words and support on these 2 days meant a huge amount to us both – sadly you are going to have to put up with us for a while yet !
Now the fishing news….

October so far has brought some lovely rain, which the much depleted aquifers needed – after another long hot Summer it is great to see these conditions which have meant cooler and fresher water in the lakes, this has resulted in some great fishing on Rosie’s and Coot. Fish have been taking flys sub surface with blue damsel, montana and gold head – daddys proving the best pattern, as these conditions continue expect the fish to stay nearer the surface, so use floating lines.

We are now fully open to Day Tickets – if you wanted to book please leave a message on answerphone, as we are often out delivering or on the farm so are not in the office to answer your call. Please remember that as the days get cooler the log burner will be lit in the club room, with tea, coffee and cake available throughout the day.

We look forward to seeing you beside the lakes very soon – any queries or concerns please email, phone or catch us beside the lakes or in the fishery yard.

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Martins Late Summer Report

Well its been another weird Summer or maybe not that weird anymore, with record temperatures in July it is certainly the way things are going now, with very warm Summers and mild Winters, in a way the mild Winters are causing a bigger problem with the lakes no longer getting that cold in the Winter with the result that they are heating up much quicker in the early Summer. The Autumn, Winter and Spring is without doubt the most productive fishing, with trout being happy in their cooler watery world, one great advantage at Duncton is having a nice club room to retreat to, for a cuppa and piece of cake and a sit by the log burner on those cold days when your fingers are cold through to the bone on a January morning.

During July the lakes were running at 24 degrees, we lost a handful of fish, but thankfully not too many, we have been working hard on the lakes during the Summer and they are looking in excellent shape. With the cooler nights the water temperatures are now dropping and with September just around the corner, once we are happy that there isn’t a heat wave we will stock the main lakes heavily ahead of some good late Summer/ early Autumn fishing.

Birch has kept fishing throughout the hot Summer months although you had to find the right technique to have success, very small flys fished very deep and slow were the best.

As we head towards September be aware of our closed dates, and more importantly two special dates

Saturday 21st September – Meet The Members Day – many of you have signed up for this day, any of you who plan to pop along and haven’t signed up yet, please do so – Caroline can make sure there is plenty of cake available – it will be a great opportunity to say hello to Dan and Michelle and hear all about their future plans at Duncton.

Saturday 5th October – we are running our complimentary day for Duncton Mill Fishery Club Members, it would be wonderful to see as many of you as possible come along on the day, a 2 fish ticket, and once again copious amounts of tea and cake it will give us the opportunity to say thank you and goodbye although we don’t officially leave until the end of October – again please let us know if you plan to come along, so we can stock the lakes appropriately and ensure once again there is plenty of cake available.

As regards to fishing, once September and October arrive expect to see fish moving on the surface, hopefully we will get a good ‘daddy’ hatch which always results in great sport.

Day Anglers – day tickets will begin on Tuesday 1st October, for October they will be priced at the following
2 fish £25
3 fish £30
4 fish £35

The last think to say is that it is good that the warm Summer temperatures are beginning to drop and we can begin to look forward to those fresher cooler and more productive fishing days….

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June 2019 Report

Writing this I get the feeling that we are on the verge of looming hot weather for June, at least the hot weather has held off for most of May unlike last year… the water temperatures have been steadily rising and with little weed growth in the lakes, resulting in little shade in the water I fear that the water temperatures will rocket quickly.

May has seen some good catches with a nice mix of rainbows and browns coming out, in the last week we have emptied the Millpond in preparation for a new batch of fish going in, this has meant that we have put 50 big browns in both Rosies and Birch, these are between 6lb – 10lb, several have already come out, they are very visible in Birch, be aware that these are very clever fish and thrashing away at them won’t work.

As usual with the hot weather hopefully arriving it is best to fish the main lakes in the cooler evenings, we will keep Birch going through the Summer with its great depth countering the hot air, if you are fishing in the evening, the main evening rise starts at about 9pm so fish late.

We now come to some major news regarding the fishery… after 38 years of running trout farms and fisheries we are heading off to a slightly quieter life in South Devon. We came to Duncton in October 2001, it has been an honour and a privilege to be custodians of such a beautiful place in West Sussex, we have worked hard to ensure the quality of the fish are the best in the South of England, the lakes and grounds have been maintained to a high standard, with the help of Roger who has been invaluable over the years, we try to ensure that all anglers, corporate and club members are all made to feel welcome, and that you have enjoyed your time beside the lakes at Duncton.

We are pleased that Dan and Michelle Gale will be taking over from the 1st November 2019 – Daniel has extensive fishery knowledge and both he and Michelle have been lecturers at Sparsholt Agricultural College.

With regards to all memberships and fish allocations they will transfer over, so you will not loose any time or fish allocated to your membership, the only thing that will need to be used by the 1st November are the free guest vouchers.By way of introduction we will be holding a Meet The Members Day on Saturday 21st September, it will give you the opportunity to get to know Dan and Michelle, enjoy tea and cake, and spend a little time beside the lakes having a fish.

It is with some sadness that we will say goodbye in the Autumn, we would like to say a huge thank you for all your support over the years, we will miss seeing you all, and our chats around the lakes and in the club room, as a way of thanking you and the opportunity to say farewell we invite all our members along on Saturday 5th October to fish on a complimentary 2 fish ticket, we will provide our infamous afternoon tea – it would be great to see as many of you as possible to say thank you and goodbye.

I am sure you may have questions regarding the transition between ourselves and Dan so please feel free to either catch us beside the lakes, give us a call on the office number or drop us an email.

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Water Temp: 18 degree

Heaviest Fish
Rainbow – Mr Pickford 5lb 14oz
Brown – Mr Philpot 7lb

May 2019 Report

The last month has seen a very varied batch of weather, from quite cold winds through to that amazing Easter weekend, all of which has left nature quite confused with the grass being quite slow to grow and no sign of any week in the lakes yet, with the warmer days we are starting to see some good hatches of Buzzer and Alder.

All the lakes have been fishing well with fish feeding fairly near the surface, Birch has fished well all round…

You will have seen from our twitter account that we are stocking some big browns in both Rosies and Birch, so look out for them, in Birch they often cruise around the bank or hang around the water inlet, if you hook one by the bridge, get it away from there as quickly as possible, they are clever fish and will go for the bridge supports…

Rosie has been the most productive either in marquee bay or along the trench on the north bank, Coot has proved best right through the deeper middle trench. The best flies on all the lakes have been blue damsel and black buzzer. No doubt sooner or later the hot weather will arrive so remember if it gets really hot either fish deep in Birch or wait for the evening rise on the other lakes.

We look forward to seeing you beside the lakes this Summer and lets hope it doesn’t get as hot as last year

Tight Lines

Water Temp: 15 degree’s

Heaviest Fish:
Rainbow – Mr Davis 8lb 3oz
Brown – Mr Phillips 7lb 4oz

April 2019 Report

The last month has seen some fairly typical March weather with the odd lovely Spring day… the water temperatures have been slowly rising which has resulted in some fly hatches, the late afternoons has produced some large buzzer hatches, particularly on Rosie’s.

The increased fly activity has brought fish higher in the water table with floating lines working the best, and the best flys have been the usual suspects of blue damsel, montana and black buzzer.

It’s been good to see the steady stream of browns coming out of all the lakes, they are beautiful specimens, and because of their solid muscle mass they smoke particularly well for those of you who own smokers.

As we head into April and May it will be interesting to see how quickly the water temperatures rise, hopefully we won’t get such a hot Summer as last year , I am often asked what effect global warming is having on our industry, and the answer is a huge amount, I actually think it is more noticeable in the Winter. We don’t get such cold Winter weather resulting in the water temperature in the lakes is 10 – 14 degrees coming into the Spring, which means that as soon as the warmer weather arrives they very quickly go through the magic 21 degree’s mark when trout start to suffer… cold Winters years ago when a sledge was a good Christmas present appear a long distant memory ! All of this means that the Summer is becoming harder for fisheries particularly in Southern England, thank goodness here at Duncton we had Birch Lake dug out years ago, with its separate spring and great depth it can handle extreme Summers.

Anyway, maybe it will be cold and rain all Summer!!! We shall see…

Look forward to seeing you beside the lakes this Spring

Tight Lines

Heaviest Fish
Brown – Mr Stevens 8lb 6oz
Rainbow – Mr William 6lb 2oz

Water Temperature 12 Degree’s

Martins Mid March Report


The end of Feb and early March proved an interesting contrast between those warm February days and the constant windy early weeks of March. the fish were moving up for surface flys during the February period but have been pushed deep with the March windy conditions. We had a few days when fishing on Coot and Rosies became nearly impossible due to the gusts of wind.

At the time of writing we are hopefully heading into a couple of weeks of calmer weather conditions, this should encourage more fly life with Buzzer hatches appearing, other than Black Buzzer the best fly’s at the minute are Blue Damsel and Montana. We have had 2 lovely Browns out in the last few weeks, one of 10lb 8oz for Mr Hoper and an 8lb 6oz caught by Mr Stevens, we will carry on stocking more of these, so make sure your knots are secure!

As we come into a busy period for the fishery please make sure you check either the phone message, noticeboard or website for any closed dates on the lakes.

We look forward to seeing beside the lakes on some lovely warm Spring days.

Tight Lines

Water Temp 11 degrees.

February 2019 Report

January ended up as a fairly typical Winter month with the usual mix of cold winds together with dull days and finishing with snow, when you look back at the records it shows that the last week in January is the most common for snow in the whole year.

January often feels like the month for the most die-hards anglers, or the ones with the best quality coats!!!
For those venturing out the fishing has been good with the best sport being on sinking lines with white or orange patterns, on the few warmer days we have been getting some buzzer hatches late in the afternoon, this has led to some great sport with floating lines and black buzzer fished just sub surface.

With Spring just around the corner the lakes are beginning to warm up and we would expect to see some more buzzer activity, with warmer water life in the lakes will become more active so use damsel patterns, hares ear and pheasant tail nymph.

We have had a good number of browns caught this Winter which has been great, we will stock larger numbers in the coming month to add variety throughout the Spring.

Please see our list of closed date this Spring to avoid disappointment, we have a number of fishing clubs coming to visit over the Spring.

As usual any questions you may have please catch myself or Roger and we will be happy to answer them, we look forward to seeing you beside the lakes very soon.

Tight Lines

Water Temp: 7 degree’s

Heaviest Fish:
Mr Finch 4lb 8oz Brown
Mr Williams 4lb 4oz Rainbow

January 2019 Report


The last month has seen some unusually warm conditions with the grass appearing to grow right through the Winter – we had some great rainfall in November, although the past few weeks have been very dry. The warmer conditions resulted in a few fly hatches in the late afternoon.

Fishing has been good with most fish being taken deep in the lakes with blue damsel being the best fly during December, at the time of writing we are getting colder easterly winds which are pushing the fish deep in the lakes.

During these conditions go deep with fast sink lines and use more Winter patterns such as cats whisker, orange staling bug and bloodworm.

The stocking of Browns during the early Autumn and Winter has prove very successful with a large number of these lovely fish being caught, as January moves into February we hope that we don’t get another icy spell like last year. At the present time the lakes are holding a high temperature – 8 degree’s which is warm for this time of year.

Remember the log burner is always lit in the club room, with tea, coffee and cake available throughout the day, so if you feel a little chilly beside the lakes, pop in and have a warm up.

Tight Lines

Water Temp 8 degree’s

Heaviest Fish:
Brown Trout – E Vickers 5lb
Rainbow – L Mathews 6lb 12 oz

Martins November2018 Report


It has been a good early Autumn on the lakes with conditions being great for fishing, we have had a number of sunny clear days which have pushed the fish deep, but this has made standing by the lakes pleasurable.

After such a dry hot Summer the lakes started to cool down at the beginning of September which resulted in the fish starting to feed again.

Looking back at the Summer when we were recording temperatures averaging 27 degree’s in Rosie’s and Coot for several weeks we were thankful that we dug Birch out so deeply all those years ago, as it fished right through all the hot weather, due to its extreme depth and separate spring. I have been fish farming and running lakes since 1980 and have never seen lakes running that hot – maybe a sign of things to come.

As we now head into Winter the fish are becoming more active, with them hitting hard to Blue Damsel, Montana, Gold Head Daddy and Black Buzzer, as I have previously said, on sunny days expect the fish to be deeper in the lake, and use an intermediate line. As the water cools even more Bloodworm and Cats Whisker will also start to work.

We are stocking some lovely Browns at the moment, as as the water is cooling more of them are being caught, if anyone owns a smoker, try smoking them, they are delicious…

As it gets cooler remember the fire will be lit in the club room to warm those cold fingers, together with tea, coffee and cake.. we look forward to seeing you beside the lakes.

Tight Lines

Water Temperature: 10 degree’s

Heaviest Fish
Mr Williams – Rainbow 7lb 8oz
Mr Sturdy – Brown 4 1/4 lb

Early September Report 2018

Well – where do you start ? What a Summer its been, currently no need to be flying to the Mediterranean…

The constant hit of high night and day temperatures has had a huge effect on the fishery with the result that the main lakes were running at a temperature of between 25 and 27 degree’s for many weeks. This is very tight for trout to survive to put it mildly, we lost a few in Rosie’s after a few constant hot weeks, but thankfully this stabilized off with the other fish surviving through. Obviously we couldn’t stock the lakes during this extreme weather, it takes a long time for the water to cool back down, at the time of writing this report the temperature has dropped to 22 degree’s so we are heading in the right direction.

Thankfully Birch was available this Summer, with its cool spring water and great depth we managed to keep it fishing even in the extreme heat, although there were some days where it was far too hot to fish… sitting in the shade just enjoying the surroundings under the tree’s was a much better idea.

The fish sunk deep during the day and were taking small patterns, these methods are still working on Birch and it is fishing well, hopefully we will be able to stock up the main lakes again at the beginning of September.

With the weather likely to change soon, we can look forward to some more suitable fishing conditions, expect to see the fish moving up to take surface flys, and hopefully we will get a good ‘daddy’ hatch – we will be stocking some lovely Browns in September, they have been growing in the Millpond, and are beautiful specimens, and will provide some great sport.

We all look forward to a cooler September – and remember we will be opening to Day Tickets on Monday 8th October.

Tight Lines

Heaviest Fish:
Rainbow – Mr Snelling 4lb
Brown – Mr Bleatham 3lb 10oz
Tiger – Mr Harrison 4lb