July / August Update 2018

A few simple words sum it up HOT HOT HOT !

It was almost inevitable that after the long cold Winter, with the ‘Beast from the East’ that we would have a scorcher of a Summer, when this hot weather started, I didn’t expect it to last this long.

As you can imagine the water temperatures are rising quickly, especially with the warm nights, we are now holding about 23 degree’s in the main lakes, the fish haven’t been very happy and we have lost a few in Rosie’s after one sticky night, we can’t stock these lakes at the present time, as any fish introduced into these temperatures will just die.

This is especially frustrating as the lakes are in brilliant condition, apart of course from the water temperatures! Sooner or later this hot weather will break and we can start stocking again.

Birch Lake being deeper and with its own spring has fared better, the surface water temperatures have been hot, but the lake has stratified with the fish living in the cooler depths, the best methods during this hot period is a fast sink line, try a very small buzzer pattern with a very slow retrieve. We are managing to keep stocking Birch, so give it a go if you can handle the heat, once the weather does break it will make the fishing a little more productive again.

Anyway enjoy the sun, lets face it, its normally a rare thing in the average British Summer.

Water Temp: 23 degrees

Best Fish in June:
Rainbow 4lb – Mr Barrett
Brown 8lb 6oz – Mr Knee

June 2018 Report

Well, its always interesting how nature tends to level itself out – after such a long Winter we have now had the warmest May since 1920 apparently… at the beginning of May the lakes were running at 13 degree’s they are now at 22 degree’s quite a fast rise. This is partly due to the lack of weed on Rosies and Coot which has meant no shade in the clear water. This slow weed growth is probably due to the long Winter, it has been great for us as it has meant much less weed cutting, not one of our favourite jobs, but bad for the water temperatures and its is also possible there may be some algae problems due to the nutrients in the water not being used up by the weed. It will be interesting to see what happens in the Summer months to come.

The fishing was very easy at the beginning of May but with the much warmer weather the fish on the main lakes are in their usual Summer pattern, this meas they are going quiet during the day and then feeding heavily at dusk, we are getting some great evening rises with the fish showing in the last hour before dark, Rosies as usual around marquee may is the best. If you are fishing the evening rise make sure you come in late, too many anglers are coming in and leaving the fishery by 8pm – this is no good, you need to be fishing until it gets dark. If you are fishing during the day think small patterns with black buzzer and dawl being the best.

As in previous Summers we will concentrate the stocking on Birch during the warm weather, with its spring red water and great depth it runs considerately colder even in the hottest of Summers, the fish will go deep in the heat so think fast sink lines and remember she goes to 35 foot, again go for smaller patterns with a slow retrieve.

It could be an interesting Summer if it starts to get very warm, as we haven’t had a hot one for a few years – enjoy the sunshine, and always remember sunscreen, there is always a bottle in the club room if you forget!!!

We look forward to seeing you beside the lakes

Heaviest Fish:
Mr Oakley – Rainbow 6lb 8oz
Mr Oakham – Brown 3lb

May Report 2018

Well the weather has certainly changed with it being one of those years that goes straight from Winter to Summer bypassing Spring.

We have had some very high temperatures over the weekend with plenty of sun, which us thankfully drying out the ground. The grass is beginning to really grow in earnest – we are going to be kept very busy with the mowers and strimmers!

Due to the poor Spring the weed in the lakes has been very slow, with it only just about to appear, this is about 3/4 weeks behind this time last year.

The warming temperatures are inducing some good buzzer hatches which the fish are feeding on, we have had a number of Alder Flys showing, all of this has meant some good surface action, with the best methods being floating lines with black buzzer, the ubiquitous blue damsel is also producing its usual good results.

We are now also beginning to see some good rises, late afternoon and in the last hour before dusk, as early Summer arrives expect the fish to move down a little on very warm sunny days. As usual in the high Summer Birch Lake with its depth and cold water flow will become favourite.

Ian Hoper will be holding another of his free tuition days on Wednesday 16th May, come along for a bit of advice.

As the day length extends don’t forget you can fish at first light or until dusk to avoid any hot weather days.

Enjoy the Summer and we look forward to seeing you on the water.

Tight Lines

Heaviest Fish:
Mr Able – Brown 4lb
Mr Williamson – Rainbow 7lb 12oz

Water Temp:
13 degree

April Report 2018

Writing this with the weather forecast for next week it finally looks like the end of some awful Spring weather, it really has been a particularly bad Winter with a huge quantity of rain, with our clay soils at saturation point it really has become very muddy in places around the fishery, especially on Birch, although we have put some wood chippings down. The one good thing about all this wet weather is that the lakes are nice and cool, and the aquifers are nicely full for the Summer ahead.

The weather has suited the fish though with excellent fishing in the last month, the fish have been mainly deep, apart from the odd sunny day when they have been buzzer feeding on the surface, together with buzzer the best flies have been blue damsel and montana.

I get the feeling that Spring and Summer will arrive in a hurry this year, we will probably be moaning it is too hot in a few weeks time, as the weather brightens expect the fish to start moving on the surface so fish with floating lines.

We are stocking some lovely 4 – 6lb fish at the moment, together with some great brown specimens, all of which is making for a good variety of fishing.

Don’t forget Ian Hoper is running his free tuition day on Saturday 21st April, so come along if you feel you need a little extra help or some handy hints on fishing at Duncton – there will be extra cake that day !!!

We look forward to seeing you on the lakes – in the SUN !

Tight lines

Biggest Fish
Rainbow 6lb 14oz Mr Clarke
Brown 5lb 12oz Mr Smyth

Water Temperature: 13 degrees

Spring Fly Suggestions

Below are some new season Spring Fly suggestions for members to try.

Sinking and Lures.
Black/Red gold bead head Buzzer.
Crisp Packet cheeks version weighted.
Green /silver bead head Buzzer.
Red Tinsel ribbed Diawl Bach.
Olive Hairs Ear.
Pheasant tail size 12 with red or green thorax.
Very Pale Olive Mara bough Blue Flash Damsel also same with either Red or Orange Tungsten bead head.
(early season version)
Black/ Green Nomad or White and Green version.
Cats Whisker.
Black /Green Montana.
Pink Beaded or Red Beaded rubber leg Bloodworm.(Wobbly Worm style)
If all else fails try a Tequila Blob on a sunk line .
If any fish showing try some Dry’s.
Red or Ginger Bobs Bits.
Claret or Ginger or even Black Hoppers.
Orange Shipman’s Buzzer.
Grey Duster.
Pond Olive.
March Brown.
Black Hawthorn.

Tight Lines,
Ian Hoper

March Report 2018

Writing this early March report it doesn’t seem quite right with the weather conditions being more like that of early January, it has been a really nasty week of weather with ‘The Beast from the East’ the wind really has been biting with the lakes being particularly exposed, to want to fish in these weather conditions you would have to be slightly mad, I think the rod rings would freeze in about 20 seconds… although the lakes were looking particularly pretty in the sunshine.

Prior to this spell the weather in February wasn’t too bad, the fishing has been good with the fish taking deep in the water, best methods were sinking lines with either bloodworm or buzzer doing the trick.

As miserable as the current weather is, it is good news in terms of the lakes, we are 5 degree’s cooler in the lakes than the same time last year, this hopefully means the lakes will fish later into the Summer with the water taking longer to heat up.

It could well be one of those years when Spring arrives in a hurry, when it does expect the fish to start moving up in the water column, best flys will probably be blue damsel, buzzer and montana.

For those day anglers among you we will be ending day tickets on Sunday 11th March which is Mothers Day !!!!! So at the time of writing we only have 2 more opportunities for the Super Saturday vouchers to be used. Day tickets will begin again on the second weekend in October, we would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your custom, and we look forward to seeing you again in the Autumn.

For members we are running our free tuition days with Ian Hoper again this year, as before there is no need to book and no charge, Ian will be around on the fishery all day, just catch him and he will help with whatever you need, whether it is casting or fly choice, Ian is an excellent coach who has helped many members, so if you need a bit of help come in.

As usual is you have any questions or queries please just drop us an email or call the office number

Tight Lines
Martin and Caroline

Saturday 21st April
Wednesday 16th May

Water Temp: 5 Degrees

Heaviest Fish:
Brown – Mr Atyed 9lb 3oz
Rainbow – Mr Robinson 6lb 1oz

February 2018 Report

January ended up as a rather miserable month, with cold winds and wet days, all of which culminated in rather uncomfortable fishing days, a number of members didn’t get further than the club room, as the rain lashed down, they were comfortable, with coffee and cake sitting in front of the log burning stove!!!

The weather pushed the fish deep in the lakes making sinking lines the most productive, fly patterns proving successful were the usual blue damsel, montana and bloodworm.

This colder wetter weather is good news in the long term with water temperatures running 3-4 degree’s colder than last Winter – meaning the lakes will taker longer to heat up in the late Spring early Summer, the rain has also been welcome filling the springs up quite significantly more than last year.

Once this cold snap finishes I expect Spring will soon be upon us – as the lakes begin to warm up expect to see the fish start moving up in the water column and floating lines will start to work fished static or with a very slow retentive.

We are stocking many more Browns this year so hopefully we will see some good returns on them – we are still open to Day Anglers and are offering a special offer on the cost of day tickets, known as ‘Super Saturdays’ just drop us an email to find out more…

We are now taking bookings for club and corporate days this year and dates are going fast so if you had wanted to hold a club day or event at the fishery please call the office number for further details, we can offer a fully catered day, or DIY which ever suits you.

Remember on the colder days that the club room awaits to thaw out those frozen fingers… although I think we are all looking forward to some warm Spring sunshine.

Tight Lines

Water Temp: 7 degrees

Heaviest Fish
Rainbow – P Dawson 7lb 1oz
Brown – L Holmes 5lb 12oz

January Report 2018

Happy New Year




December turned out to be quite a rough month with a lot of cold wet weather, and even snow after Christmas !

Conditions across the lakes, especially with the wind made fishing quite difficult at times and impossible at others… A number of anglers who did venture out didn’t get further than the club room, they were far too comfortable sitting in front of the log burner, drinking coffee and eating cake – CHICKENS!

For those anglers getting down to the lakes fishing has been good with the fish dropping deep in the water column, best flies have been blue damsel and montana.

The work of cutting back all the tree’s around the lakes is now complete, which has opened up more of the stands, we tread a delicate tightrope between opening up areas and not making it too artificial – I think we have balance right…

With the Winter weather well with us and January and February to come I would expect the fish to stay deep and Winter patterns such as cats whisker and bloodworm will start to work.

As ever we will keep the coffee and cake available and the fire lit so if you fancy a dabble at least you have a refuge to retreat to!

Tight Lines

Heaviest Fish
Rainbow – C Brace 6lb 4oz
Brown – P Williams 6lb 2oz
Blue- L Holmes 3lb

December 2017 Report

A DAYS FISHING or A YEARS MEMBERSHIP could make the perfect Christmas Present


Writing this in a bit of a Winter blast, its difficult to remember how warm late October and November was – we were still cutting the grass a few weeks ago and there were even a few butterflys around, with the warm weather conditions we were still getting fly hatches on the lakes which resulted with the fish taking smaller patterns.

Since late August the lakes have been fishing very well with this continuing right through November, the 3lb – 4lb fish we have been stocking have been fighting like trains, with best patterns being Blue Damsel, Buzzer and Montana.
Over the past week with the colder sunnier conditions the fish have gone much deeper which has meant that sinking lines have been the order of the day, good fly patterns to try are the above although Bloodworm is now starting to work.
Don’t forget that on these cold chilly days the fire will be going, together with tea, coffee and cake so have a warm up and a cuppa.

As we enter the Winter months, with potential icy conditions I will tweet on a daily basis regarding the conditions of the lakes by 8am so please check our twitter feed by clicking on the icon on our web site to save you a wasted journey, the twitter feed will also show recent catches and fishery updates.

Christmas is approaching quickly so remember we have gift vouchers for a days fishing or alternatively a years membership which will make great gifts for someone who can be tricky to buy for!

Lastly we would like to wish all our members and day anglers a very Happy Christmas, and Healthy New Year!

Heaviest Fish:
Rainbow – Mr Alton 7lb 8oz
Brown – Mr Bignall 5lb
Blue – Mr Holmes 3lb 8oz

Water Temp: 11 degrees

November 2017 Report

October was an excellent month for fishing with the lakes running with water after all the rain – the fish have been taking the usual Blue Damsel, Montana & Buzzer. October saw a good Daddy hatch which resulted in good sport with the fish moving onto the surface, one of our members had great fun moving a Muddler fast across the top with the fish chasing hard.

We have had a number of beautiful sunny days recently, with the gin clear water the fish have gone deeper with sunk lines working best.
We are now starting to stock Browns for the Winter, these are from a very pretty spotted strain – I personally think they are the best tasting, and are especially delicious if they are hot smoked.

The weather has been very warm, with the grass still growing, the leaves are finally coming off the trees which means we have started to cut back the tree’s around the lakes, this should hopefully mean a few less lost flys!!!

I am sure that the colder weather will arrive soon – this will probably push the fish deeper and flys such as Bloodworm will start to work.
We are open to members and day anglers at the present time – if a group of you would like to come for a days fishing please just email or call the office number and we can book you in, you can wander down to The Cricketers for lunch, or alternatively bring some lunch and eat it beside the fire in the club room, which will be lit to warm those cold fingers, tea, coffee and cake is always available.

To keep up to date on recent catches and to see a little of what is going on at Duncton follow our twitter feed, just click on the icon on our web site.

We look forward to seeing you beside the lakes very soon.

Tight Lines

Water Temperature: 14 degrees

Heaviest Fish:
Rainbow – 5lb 12oz Mr Williams
Brown – 7lb Mr Edwards
Blue – 2lb 12 oz Mr Holmes