January Report 2018

Happy New Year




December turned out to be quite a rough month with a lot of cold wet weather, and even snow after Christmas !

Conditions across the lakes, especially with the wind made fishing quite difficult at times and impossible at others… A number of anglers who did venture out didn’t get further than the club room, they were far too comfortable sitting in front of the log burner, drinking coffee and eating cake – CHICKENS!

For those anglers getting down to the lakes fishing has been good with the fish dropping deep in the water column, best flies have been blue damsel and montana.

The work of cutting back all the tree’s around the lakes is now complete, which has opened up more of the stands, we tread a delicate tightrope between opening up areas and not making it too artificial – I think we have balance right…

With the Winter weather well with us and January and February to come I would expect the fish to stay deep and Winter patterns such as cats whisker and bloodworm will start to work.

As ever we will keep the coffee and cake available and the fire lit so if you fancy a dabble at least you have a refuge to retreat to!

Tight Lines

Heaviest Fish
Rainbow – C Brace 6lb 4oz
Brown – P Williams 6lb 2oz
Blue- L Holmes 3lb

December 2017 Report

A DAYS FISHING or A YEARS MEMBERSHIP could make the perfect Christmas Present


Writing this in a bit of a Winter blast, its difficult to remember how warm late October and November was – we were still cutting the grass a few weeks ago and there were even a few butterflys around, with the warm weather conditions we were still getting fly hatches on the lakes which resulted with the fish taking smaller patterns.

Since late August the lakes have been fishing very well with this continuing right through November, the 3lb – 4lb fish we have been stocking have been fighting like trains, with best patterns being Blue Damsel, Buzzer and Montana.
Over the past week with the colder sunnier conditions the fish have gone much deeper which has meant that sinking lines have been the order of the day, good fly patterns to try are the above although Bloodworm is now starting to work.
Don’t forget that on these cold chilly days the fire will be going, together with tea, coffee and cake so have a warm up and a cuppa.

As we enter the Winter months, with potential icy conditions I will tweet on a daily basis regarding the conditions of the lakes by 8am so please check our twitter feed by clicking on the icon on our web site to save you a wasted journey, the twitter feed will also show recent catches and fishery updates.

Christmas is approaching quickly so remember we have gift vouchers for a days fishing or alternatively a years membership which will make great gifts for someone who can be tricky to buy for!

Lastly we would like to wish all our members and day anglers a very Happy Christmas, and Healthy New Year!

Heaviest Fish:
Rainbow – Mr Alton 7lb 8oz
Brown – Mr Bignall 5lb
Blue – Mr Holmes 3lb 8oz

Water Temp: 11 degrees

November 2017 Report

October was an excellent month for fishing with the lakes running with water after all the rain – the fish have been taking the usual Blue Damsel, Montana & Buzzer. October saw a good Daddy hatch which resulted in good sport with the fish moving onto the surface, one of our members had great fun moving a Muddler fast across the top with the fish chasing hard.

We have had a number of beautiful sunny days recently, with the gin clear water the fish have gone deeper with sunk lines working best.
We are now starting to stock Browns for the Winter, these are from a very pretty spotted strain – I personally think they are the best tasting, and are especially delicious if they are hot smoked.

The weather has been very warm, with the grass still growing, the leaves are finally coming off the trees which means we have started to cut back the tree’s around the lakes, this should hopefully mean a few less lost flys!!!

I am sure that the colder weather will arrive soon – this will probably push the fish deeper and flys such as Bloodworm will start to work.
We are open to members and day anglers at the present time – if a group of you would like to come for a days fishing please just email or call the office number and we can book you in, you can wander down to The Cricketers for lunch, or alternatively bring some lunch and eat it beside the fire in the club room, which will be lit to warm those cold fingers, tea, coffee and cake is always available.

To keep up to date on recent catches and to see a little of what is going on at Duncton follow our twitter feed, just click on the icon on our web site.

We look forward to seeing you beside the lakes very soon.

Tight Lines

Water Temperature: 14 degrees

Heaviest Fish:
Rainbow – 5lb 12oz Mr Williams
Brown – 7lb Mr Edwards
Blue – 2lb 12 oz Mr Holmes

October 2017 Report

The last month has seen some excellent fishing on the lakes, conditions have been perfect with the lakes in great condition. Good sport has been had across the 3 main lakes and Alder has also proved successful for those willing to take a walk!

With the cooler water temperatures the fish are now moving in the top layers of the water column, so floating lines have been working well, we are currently having a good hatch of daddies so either fish a goldhead daddy or the old favorites of blue damsel or black buzzer.

We have been stocking a large number of 3-4lb rainbows and these have been providing tremendous sport – are just about to start stocking larger numbers of browns which should add a nice variety to the fishing.

There is a nice editorial piece in this months ETC magazine – which is free and can be found at a variety of places throughout West Sussex, we will put a copy in the club room for you to take a look at.

Day Tickets will begin again on Monday 9th October, as in previous years we will be offering the usual day tickets
2 fish ticket – £28
3 fish ticket – £32
4 fish ticket – £38

We have managed to keep the day ticket prices the same as last year.
If you have a date in mind for a visit please ring the office phone 01798 342048 to make a booking.

As the Winter draws in, we will be lighting the fire to warm those cold fingers, and Caroline will keep the supplies of cakes going.

We look forward to seeing you beside the lakes, if you have any queries or questions please ring us or catch us beside the lakes.

Tight Lines
Martin and Caroline

Water Temp: 15 degrees

Heaviest Fish:
Rainbow – 5lb 6oz Mr Williamson
Brown – 6lb 12oz Mr Peters
Blue – 3lb Mr Williams

Ians Autumn Handy Hints

Some fly suggestions for Autumn gleaned out of my fishing diary over many years fishing at Duncton.

Best to now try Daddy Longlegs sunk version with silver body and green or red DFM butt. Blue flash Damsel with red or orange hot head versions always scores.

White and green or black and green Nomads. Yellow dancer or green fritz body Cats Whisker, red or green body black Crunchers. Gold rib Hairs Ear, Long marabou tail version Montana size 12. Apps Blood Worm, Corixa’s weighted version, Buzzers with orange or red hot spot.Claret or Brown Hoppers, For dry Flies try Dear Hair Daddy, Dear Hair Sedge fished fast, Bobs bits in orange. Dry Hoppers Orange or Black.

If all else fails resort to sunk Fabs orange or yellow. Tequila sunrise blobs or white booby using a sunk line on Birch. Floating lines for Rosie’s and Coot Put Damsels, Daddy’s and Buzzers at the top of your list and try tying lures with the Rapala knot for a more jerky sinuous action.

Martins Early September 2017 Report

Well – fairly typical – kids break up on a Friday and the rain begins on the Saturday… the story of mist of our Summers, after a very hot May and June I must say for most of us it was a relief to see the rain and the wind – after 6 weeks of unsettled weather the water I the lakes is much cooler and the fishing is very good.

July and August have produced some excellent fishing with Birch doing what it was built for – with its great depth and spring flow it has consistently fished well take 90% of all fish caught during these months.

In the last few weeks with the cooler temperatures we are now stocking up on all of the lakes which are now all fishing well. The best flies are and will be Blue Damsel and Black Buzzer – it won’t be long before the Daddies start appearing, so look out for them and then a Gold Head Daddy should do the trick.
As we enter into Autumn we will begin stocking bigger fish with some lovely rainbows and browns ready to go into the lakes.

We will be running our free tuition days with Ian Hoper again so look our for dates if you need a little bit of help and advice, the first will be towards the end of October with dates confirmed in our October report.

As usual, if you have any questions or queries please try to catch us on the fishery.


July August Report 2017

Well, June is finishing with some of the hottest weather in 20 years – all of which is pushing the water temperatures very high !!

The fish are now dropping back into their usual Summer pattern and sinking away into the depths, the best spots in these conditions are either in the very deep area’s by the shade of the wood or by the cold water inlet, the water coming in is at 10 degree’s so it attracts the fish as the rest of the lake warms up.

Rosies best slots tend to be in the trench along the northern bank with the fish working along its full length, Coot often fishes well in the Summer as springs in the bottom of the lake keep it a little cooler, again go for the deep areas which are along the middle section.
Alder can also be productive in the Summer with cooler water due to more shade and the water from Coot.

As a rule during the Summer use small flies with size 16 being the most successful when the fish are feeding on daphnia and buzzer.

In really hot weather such as this week try to fish early or late, the weigh room is always open so start early as you like or finish in the lake evening – hopefully this weather won’t go right through the Summer, as usual it will probably break as soon as the schools break up!
Tight lines – don’t forget to put the suncream on and wear a hat!!!

Water Temperature on Thursday 22nd June 22.5 degrees

June 2017 Report

Well, May ended with a very warm spell which certainly got the water temperature rising sharply.

Fishing was very good during most of May with conditions in the heat at the end of the month slowing things down. With water temperatures now higher it pays to fish deep during the day with the trench on Rosies northern side being the most productive.

As Summer is now upon us we have increased the water flow in Birch to keep the water temperature’s down over the hot Summer months, the fish will either be deep or will be in the current from the inlet. Another good spot is to cast as close to the over hanging trees to the right of the island as possible, the fish like it there with shade and food falling off the foliage above.

Best flies during the Summer will be the usual patterns of Blue Damsel, Black Buzzer, GRHE, Pheasant Tail and Stalking Bugs.

Don’t forget the fishery is open until dark for members so if you are fishing the evening rise the best time is 8.30pm onwards with the fish often coming alive in the last hour before dark, please make sure you sign out when you leave so we know everyone has left safely.

Anyway here’s hoping for a good Summer but preferably not too hot – us farmers want it all.

Water Temperature: 19 degree’s
Biggest Fish:
Rainbow 6lb 2oz Mr Williams
Brown 3lb 12oz Mr Smyth

Martins May 2017 Report

Fishing has been very good across all lakes with Rosies and Coot being the most productive, Rosies has fished particularly well in marquee bay and in the trench along the northern bank – best method has been floating line, long leader and weighted fly. The fish are now starting to show themselves with small rises occurring intermediately during the day, the evenings have been quite cold which has stopped the evening rise.

The colder weather is good news as it is countering the lack of ground water – it has been an exceptionally dry Spring with ground water levels running very low indeed. A number of our clients on the farm have been struggling for water, it all looks a little ominous for the Summer, and I am hoping that (for trout fishing only) that it doesn’t turn out to be a long hot one – although as usual we can hopefully rely on Birch during any long hot periods due to its depth and spring supply.

We have now opened up The Brown Stream behind Birch – as mentioned before this little stream provides a real test of your stalking skills, it is strictly on a Catch and Kill basis, all that we ask is that you put £5.00 in one of the envelopes provided for each Brown caught – hopefully we can raise some money for The Chestnut Tree Hospice as all proceeds will go to this worthy cause – for full details see the notice in the weigh room.

Coming back to the general fishing – with the lakes warming, expect to see much more surface activity on the lakes with the evening rise starting again, the best rises at Duncton usually begin about an hour and a half before dusk, with the best being on Rosies and Birch.

Our instructor days with Mr Ian Hoper have proved very successful with a number of members benefiting from Ian’s wisdom on fishing – the next one is on Friday May 26th, so come along if you need any help at all – don’t be shy, its all free of charge, Ian will be around all day so just stop him and ask a question when he is moving around the lakes.

We were recently approached by a young novice angler who wanted to produce a video and review the fishery Zac Pattison – he has a regular column in The Match of The Day Magazine reviewing football boots, but is now keen to get into the sport of angling.


Tight Lines and enjoy your fishing – as always any questions or queries please drop me an email or call the office.

Martin and Caroline

Heaviest Fish
Rainbow – E Moore 5lb 8oz
Brown – W Guelpa 9lb 4oz
Blue – P Soames 3lb 12oz

Water Temp
12 degrees

April 2017 Report

Fishing has been excellent over the past month, with all lakes fishing well, members have been enjoying the glorious sunshine over the past few weeks, great fishing, together with coffee and cake in the yard, what more could you ask for?

The usual flys have been doing the damage with Blue Damsel and Black Buzzer being the favourite, the fish are now holding higher in the water with the odd rise occurring, when the sun is really high in the sky it pays to fish deep again with the fish staying low in the shade.

With the warmer weather arriving fly life will become more prolific resulting in good hatches, the best rises at Duncton are always in the evening, usually beginning about an hour before dusk, with the best rises usually on Birch and Rosies – especially ‘marquee bay’ for those fishing in the evening, please don’t worry about the time as we stay open until dark.

We have been working to finish the little stream behind Birch and will be stocking it with little browns soon, as mentioned before we will be running this little stretch of water for the charity Chestnut Tree Childrens Hospice in Arundel.

We have now held 2 instructor days with Ian Hoper and these are proving very useful for those members who attend – the next one is on Friday 26th May, so please come along if you need a few refresher tips, Ian is great at instructing in relation to casting and watercraft which makes all the difference to catching more fish. Ian’s tips certainly helped Mr Guelpa who on his next visit to the fishery caught that 9lb 4oz Brown, his photograph features on our twitter page so take a look.

We look forward to seeing you beside the lakes very soon – and as always please drop us an email or call the office if you have any questions or queries regarding your fishing at Duncton.

Martin and Caroline

Water Temp: 13 degrees
Heaviest Fish:
Brown – 9lb 4oz Mr Guelpa
Blue – 3lb 10oz Mr Smyth
Rainbow 6lb 10oz Mr Smith