December 2016 Update

November finally saw the arrival of normal weather for the time of year with some heavy frosts dropping to -6 degrees ! Resulting the the main lakes freezing a couple of times, this has all resulted in the water temperatures coming down which has made for good fishing, with fish being much more aggressive to the fly.

This is great news after such a warm Autumn which meant that the fish were much harder to catch during Sept, Oct and early November, in all the years I have been in the industry I have never seen such a year of contrast with ideal fishing conditions for the first 5 1/2 months followed by the exact opposite for the next 5 1/2 months, I think the writing was on the wall last Winter which was way too warm with the result that the lakes were 5 degrees higher than average – this meant that once Summer did arrive the water temperatures rose rapidly, this followed by the Indian Summer made for the perfect storm – enough doom and gloom!

Fishing is now good with the fish taking mid to surface, although on sunny days it pays to go deep on a sinker, the main flies are now blue damsel, montana black buzzer and bloodworm.
To keep up to date with the latest catches and fishing conditions please take a look at our Twitter feed, if we get very cold weather I tweet each morning before 8am to give an update of the lake conditions regarding ice.

We have been stocking lots of large fish this Autumn which have been giving great sport, these fin perfect fish have fought like trains with many epic battles, I am now growing more of this size fish for 2017 since they are proving very popular.

As we head towards 2017 we are introducing several new ideas for the coming season…

Fishing Tuition
Beginning in March – once a month with the dates being published in January our resident fly fishing instructor Ian Hoper will be around for the day to give advice and coaching for anyone who needs a little help, this can either be casting or learning more water craft. Ian has fished at Duncton since the early days and is very knowledgeable regarding how the lakes at Duncton fish in the various seasons and weather conditions, a short time with Ian will help a life time of fishing. This will be free of charge, so look out for the dates and come along for the day, don’t be proud. we all need a little extra help ! Extra cake will be available on the day !

Duncton Challenge
Starting in the new year we are rolling our a challenge that we often run on corporate days – the challenge is to catch a fish from all 4 lakes, if you do so you will receive The Duncton Challenge Badge – once a month the heaviest fish bag in the challenge will win a new fishing rod, this challenge proves great fun on corporate days so why not have a go and join an exclusive club !

Brown Stream
We are carrying out some repair work this Winter which will result in us opening up the Brown Stream at the back of Birch – this will open up for the ‘official’ brown season at the beginning of April, we will stock the stream with small browns – it will be a real test of your stalking skills and will be open to all anglers, rather than using your fish allocation we are suggesting a £5.00 donation to The Chestnut Tree Hospice for each brown caught, this should give some excellent sport together with raising funds for this very worthy charity.

All that remains for me to say is to wish all our members and day tickets a very Happy Christmas and a healthy new year – we are open all over the Christmas period, we are only closed on Christmas Day, we look forward to seeing you beside the lakes over the festive period.

Tight Lines

We are offering a New Year Voucher – £5.00 off a 4 fish day ticket, just print off the voucher and bring it along with you when you visit.

Please download and print the voucher.

Water Temp: 10 Degrees

Heaviest Fish
Mr T Gooden 9lb 4 oz Rainbow
Mr D Watson 6lb 2 oz Brown
Mr T Holmes 5lb 1 oz Blue
Mr D Williamson 3lb 6 oz Char

Martins November 2016 Report

Well the Indian Summer rolled on with the very un – seasonal weather continuing right through October, the warm days and nights have meant that the water temperatures have only just dropped – they have now been at 16 degrees for the past few weeks, we really need a change to normal Winter conditions with strong wind and a lot of rain. The water flows are currently very low and we need a good wet Winter to replenish them, all of the above is having an effect on the lakes with fishing conditions more similar to early September, fish are not particularly feeding hard and if spooned are eating Daphia and Buzzer, as a result fish are taking very lightly with the result that a lot of fish are being lost if the hook is not set hard enough, make sure you strike hard when you get a take .

Best methods of fishing are small flies, particularly Buzzer, and fish deep and slow, we are currently stocking some lovely 7-9lb fish which have been giving great sport on the lakes, a lesson to watch though … one of our members left his rod on the ground next to the seat, next moment it shot across the lakes disappearing into the depths… A week later it was retrieved at the opposite end of the lake, one big fish.

Remember we are open to Day Tickets now – as always in the Winter months the club room will be cosy, with the log burner lit, tea coffee and cake available when the weather is a little chilly.
If anyone is looking for a Christmas gift for a friend or family member, a days fishing is a great idea, we can provide vouchers for a days fishing, or even a years membership, there are lots of options, please just drop us an email.

Please remember to look at our twitter feed for up to date information on recent catches – we live in hope that the rains will come and we will have some more usual fishing and weather patterns soon.

Any questions or queries that you may have regarding fishing at Duncton Mill please contact us.

Tight Lines
Martin and Caroline

Water Temp: 16 degrees

Heaviest Fish in October:
Rainbow – J Richards 8lb 2 oz
Brown – P Swann 6lb 12oz
Arctic Char – E Worley 3lb
Blue – P Wilson 4lb 2oz

September – October Report 2016

August ended up a hot month with some very high temperatures during the day and night, all of which meant tat the water temperatures in the lakes stayed above 21 degrees, this resulted in very hard fishing on Rosies and Coot, fish were caught, by members using very small patterns particularly Buzzer deep in the channels.

Sadly during the really hot spell, we lost a few double figure Browns which succumbed to the conditions, once the water temperatures drop we will be replacing them so make sure your tippet and flys are in good shape as these fish have huge power.

Birch lake has fished well during the Summer as we increased the inflow which has kept the water temperatures a few degrees lower, even on the hottest days by fishing deep members were catching fish with small patterns being the order of the day.

During the hot weather, it was interesting to see a shoal of Arctic Char hanging around the inflow, despite numerous attempts they weren’t feeding although Mr. Snelling managed to lure one out on a really hot day.

Once the water temperatures really drop later in the Autumn these fish will come back on the feed and we will also start re-stocking with new ones, it would be beneficial (unlike last year) if we have a proper cold Winter, which would really suit the Char.

We are hopefully now moving into more favorable weather conditions for fishing, and we can look forward to more activity on the lakes, we have been working hard on Rosies and Coot during the Summer and they are in prime condition with little weed so once the water temperatures drop we can stock them right up again so all the lakes should be giving good sport.

With regards to flies for this period again Buzzer and Blue Damsel would be favorite although we might get a good hatch of daddies which always give good sport.

We will be opening to Day Anglers on Monday 10th October – we hope you enjoy your Autumns fishing if you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask us.

Tight Lines
Water Temp at 1st September:
21 Degrees – Rosies and Coot
19 Degrees – Birch

Heaviest Fish:
Rainbow – Mr. Richards 5lb 8oz
Brown – Mr. Soames 3lb 12oz
Char – Mr. Snelling 2lb 8oz

Martins July – August Report

Well it’s been a strange Summer so far, it’s been a tale of warm wet weather, with no real settled periods of warm dry sunshine – we have seen warm days and nights which have pushed the water temperatures right up – as several members have commented when you catch one they appear ready cooked!

These conditions have inevitably meant that fishing is now hard on all the lakes, this year is also noticeable for a slower evening rise with less fly hatch.

The lower number of flies is right across most lakes, not just at Duncton, most of the lakes that I deliver to are experiencing much-reduced hatches, what is causing this drop is unclear at the moment, but it is a cause for concern.

We are stocking some big browns at the moment in Rosies and Coot, which have been providing good sport, the best methods at the minute are sinking lines with small flies into the deeper areas.

We have been working hard weed cutting on Rosies and Coot which means all the deep areas are weed free, the best spots are in the trench in Rosies or the deep in Birch.

I think we are heading into a warmer spell of weather in which case the water temperatures will really rise, if so try to avoid visiting in the day and fish either in the early morning or late evenings.

As always if you have any questions regarding your membership or fishing at Duncton Mill please do not hesitate to drop us an email or call the office number, don’t forget to follow our twitter feed for up to date photographs of recent catches and events at the fishery.

Enjoy the sun and we look forward to a cooler September

Tight Lines

Water Temperature: 21 degrees

June 2016 Report

Fishing has been really good during May with plenty of fish moving to surface fly, Rosies has fished very well throughout the month with most fish coming from the trench along the northern bank.

Birch has remained gin clear which has made for excellent stalking, the shoal of big Char have been driving people mad as they swim past, having said that we have a few being caught by the odd shrewd angler, thinking out of the box. We have been stocking some lovely 3-4lb fish and these have been fighting like trains. As is April we have had a succession of lovely Browns coming out, mainly being caught on small patterns, best flys have been Blue Damsel, Montana, PTN, GRHE and Black Buzzer.

Evening rises so far have been hit or miss with big rises on Rosies and Birch some evenings following by nothing the next, I think these are temperature related with the best rises on warmer evenings, bare in mind if you are coming for the evening rise – it is late in the evening, usually kicking off about 8.45pm and going on till 10.30pm.

As we now head into Summer expect conditions to change, the water temperatures at the present time are 18 degrees and one hot spell will push it over 21 degrees – this will slow the fish up and they will take to the depths during the day for the cooler water, and will only come on the feed at about dusk.

We can keep Birch a little cooler so if it gets hot try there during the day, the best flys during the hot weather are always small patterns so try size 16 hooks ( if you can see to tie them on ) also try slowly retrieving as the fish will not want to be rushing !
I am often asked what effect warm water has on trout – so here are a few points…

1. Firstly warm weather contains less oxygen, which for a high oxygen dependent fish this is a problem.

2. Lakes in the Summer with weed have large oxygen ranges due to photosynthesis with the lowest point being at 3am – 4am – this causes problems with oxygen levels becoming very low.

3. Because trout are struggling with the above 2 points they will go off the feed, they do this as digestion requires for oxygen. It is interesting to note that trout can survive with little or no food for up to a year, by just burning up body fat.

4. With hot sunny weather trout will drop to the bottom to find the cooler layer of water which exists in the depths, this cooler layer will contain more oxygen as well as being shadier which will slow the fish down, which again means they will be using less oxygen.

I could carry on with this list but suffice to say that trout are not designed for lakes in Southern England in the Summer.

So bare in mind the above as we enter the Summer and lets just hope it doesn’t get too hot.

Enjoy your fishing and we look forward to seeing you beside the lakes very soon

Tight Lines

Martin and Caroline

May 2016 Report

Well, it looks like Summer is finally on its way – its been a lovely week to help you forget the long Winter.

The last month has seen some excellent fishing with the fish mainly feeding on Buzzer, this has meant the best patterns have been Black and Green Buzzer, with the ever reliable Blue Damsel also accounting for a large number of fish being caught.

We are continuing to stock large Browns, with some lovely specimens being caught. The Arctic Char have also been caught regularly although many are becoming very canny, there is a shoal of five big 5-6lb Char that you can see easily on Birch which have worked out most flys – to catch the Char you need to think out of the box, try dropping a Bloodworm under them, then waiting, then bring it up… This method has accounted for quite a few Char being caught in the last few weeks. We are now starting to get a good rise in the afternoon, to Sedge and Olives.

With the evenings now drawing out, don’t forget we stay open until dark, so make use of the good evening rise and enjoy the tranquility of the lakes.

We have had a number of members coming in when we are shut so please check the noticeboard, website or phone to see when we are shut, I would point out that the Corporate fishing days and weddings mean that we can keep the price of membership at Duncton lower as you can imagine fisheries are expensive places to run …

We now look forward to the Summer, it will be interesting to see what the weather has in store for us.

Tight Lines and enjoy your fishing.
Martin and Caroline

Water Temp: 16 degree

Heaviest Fish:
Brown 8ln 8oz Mr. I Hoper
Blue 4lb 10oz Mr. P Williams
Char 3lb 2oz Mr. R Floyd
Rainbow 6lb 8oz Mr. L Mayhew

Martins April Report

Well March turned out to be a month with very varied weather with temperatures on the whole being fairly low. It was ironic after the warm weather before and after Christmas when we thought that Spring would come early.

We have as a result had the longest run of Daffodils we have ever seen here, they began in late January and we still have several weeks left of lovely blooms, I have noticed in the woods and hedgerows that the Bluebells are now out too.
Enough of horticulture and now onto fishing …. March has been an excellent month with great fishing on all the lakes throughout the month, Rosies has been particularly productive with marquee bay and the northern trench being the real hot spots.

The fish are mainly feeding on buzzer with most fish spooned full of green buzzer and dappnia, as well as buzzer the best flies have been blue damsel, ptn and montana.

We have seen a succession of big browns coming out which has resulted in members leaving the fishery with aching arms …. we will continue to stock these, especially in Rosies and Coot.

The Arctic Char have continued to be a little fickle, keeping out of the way, having said that – as Mr Smith found out when he had 5 off marquee bay, if you find a shoal you can have some great sport.

As Spring moves on we can expect more great sport with the fish beginning to move in the water column – the fish have just started rising at certain times during the day and this will increase as the fly life becomes more abundant.

We hope you continue to enjoy your fishing at Duncton – and don’t forget to sign up to our newsletter to receive up to date information on the fishery.

Tight Lines
Martin and Caroline

Water Temp: 12 degrees

Heaviest Fish
Mr J Vesley – 8lb 10 oz Brown
Mr D Nutbeam- 8lb Rainbow
Mr R Musgrove – 4lb 4oz Blue
Mr J Smith – 3lb 8oz Char

March Report

February turned out to be a bit of a colder month, with even some ice on the lakes at the beginning of the month, it was good last week to have some lovely frosty mornings, with the sun on your face.

Fishing has been really good with Rosies fishing particularly well, with some large bags coming from marquee bay and from the trench along the northern bank. Small patterns have continued to do the damage with GRHE, Montana and Blue Damsel being favorite, PTN is well worth trying and it was interesting that ha member had 3 Browns on it last week. We have had some lovely browns coming out of both Rosies and Coot – these large specimens have all been caught on small flies.

With Spring just around the corner the fish will start to move to more abundant life in the water so floating lines should become the order of the day, again use small patterns especially black buzzer and diawl bach.

We will be stocking up alder this week, so if you fancy a real stalking challenge make your way down – stalking bugs and black creeper work well.

The last day for day tickets is Friday 11th March – so if you are a day angler make sure you visit before then, as we will become a members only water until October, when we will once again be open to day tickets, we would like to thank all day anglers for their business over this wet Winter – and we look forward to seeing you again in the Autumn, although please remember that memberships are always available.

As we look forward to Easter and some warmer weather, we hope to see you beside the lakes very soon for some great fishing, in a beautiful setting, the daffodils are looking splendid!

Tight Lines
Caroline and Martin

Biggest Fish
Arctic Char – R Burt 4lb 5oz
Brown – I Hoper 5lb 8oz
Rainbow – L Wilson 6lb 4oz

Water Temp: 9 degrees

Ians Spring Fly Suggestions

Best Blue flash Damsel, Yellow dancer, Cats whisker with Orange bead head ,Black and green DFN Nomad and White and Green DFN variant. Gold Rib Hairs Ear (GRHE)Black and green Cormorant. Black Buzzer and Green weighted Buzzers on sunny days, Apps Blood worms fished deep and new Wiggly Worm’ s in wine red and orange .Montana’s always work well as do anything orange as last resort. Try some old killers as the weather warms Greenwells Glory, Whisky fly, Cased Caddis Grey Duster,Pond Olive, etc. They may be out of fashion now but still catch.

February Update

Well January turned out to be a tale of two parts – firstly the rain and wet continued for most of the month, which was then followed by a sudden cold spell – we hit minus 6 degrees for a couple of nights which resulted in Rosies, Coot and Alder being completely frozen over, coming out of the blue and being so severe it was a real shock to see the lakes freeze over so quickly, as it usually occurs over a number of days, it has certainly knocked back the flowers and buds which had been enjoying the warm temperatures.

The fishing has been very good over January with some lovely fish coming out – the fish have not been that deep with many rising in the afternoon, the best patterns have been Blue Damsel, GRHE, Blackwork and Black Buzzer.

Ross has seen some great fishing with the usual spots of marquee bay and the trench along the northern bank being the most productive, there have been some great Browns coming out of Rosies with many around the 6lb mark.

It is worth noting that if we have had ice on the lakes I will post the position on twitter each morning by 8am to keep you informed – for those of you who don’t have a twitter account just click on the twitter icon on our web page and the thread will pop up.

As we now enter into February it will be interesting to see what the weather will bring – if we don’t get any cold weather we could be heading into a very early Spring – this could mean that the fish will hopefully stay near to the surface and be actively on the feed – although being the UK we could have 2 foot of snow on the ground by mid February – who knows…

We are now taking fishing club and corporate bookings for the Spring and Autumn, so if you would like to book a date please contact the office – we can offer a fully catered day or you can bring your own food/picnic – tea, coffee and cake are always available.

Day Tickets finish in March so if you want to get a days fishing in before we become a members only water again – pop along soon, you can be assured of a warm welcome.

As always drop an email or call the office if you have any questions regarding fishing at Duncton.

Tight Lines
Martin and Caroline

Biggest Fish:
A Lewis – Rainbow 6lb
Mr Bernard – Char 4lb
Mr Fielder – Brown 6lb 4oz
Mrs K Holden Blue 3lb 8oz

Water Temp: 10 degrees