January Report 2016

Happy New Year

Maybe the scaremongers were right all those years ago warning of dire consequences of global warming – as we can see form this incredibly warm Winter continue. The lakes have now been at a constant temperature since October, having only 2 frosts. The grass has never stopped growing although conditions would suit rice production with all the rain we have had.

The daffodils are now coming into flower and unbelievably we have large trees with leaves appearing – what this all means I am not sure !

The knock on for fishing during December was interesting – with weed still growing and lots of natural food, normal Winter patterns weren’t that successful with the best results on Blue Damsel , Montana and Black Buzzer. there have been a huge amount of fish rising particularly in the afternoon.

The Artic Char have also been slower to feed, because the water temperatures are higher that then like, although good numbers have been caught with some lovely specimens coming out.

As we go into January I hope we might see some more normal weather arriving, with a good cold snap to bring conditions back to normal, although I should be careful what I wish for.

The Fishery is open every day during January and the club room is nice an cosy for a break from fishing – so if you are hardy enough come on in!

We are open to Day Tickets until 13th March – if you fancy getting a group together, please let us know and we can set up the club room for you to have your lunch together – although the local pub The Cricketers does great food.

Any questions or queries please drop us an email or call the office number.

Enjoy your fishing – we look forward to welcoming you to Duncton very soon.

Martin and Caroline

Water Temp: 11 degrees

Biggest Fish:
Rainbow – R Davies 6lb 4oz
Brown – R Carson/J smith 6lb 12oz
Arctic Char – R Burt 5lb 4oz
Blue – R Moon 4lb 4oz
Tiger – B Tauton 7lb 2oz

Martins Early December Report

Sitting here with the sun shining and 14 degrees on the thermometer, you have to pinch yourself that it’s early December. The last month has seen very high temperatures both during the day and at night, which has been very unusual, so far this Winter we have only had 2 hard frosts, this has meant that the grass is still growing and the weed is even growing in the lakes – we have seen wasps and butterfly’s beside the lakes – all very odd…

This has had an effect on the fishing – we stocked large numbers of Char in October in anticipation of cold weather – but the frosts have not arrived, this has resulted in the Char proving difficult to catch and they have been pre occupied with Buzzer, for those with the right fly and the stalking skill they have been great sport, with many fish coming out between the 4-5lb range, when the water eventually becomes colder they will be easier to catch.

The fishing as a whole is now getting easier with most sport on Blue Damsel, Montana and Bloodworm – it is interesting that with the lakes still comparatively warm and full of food it pays to fish a more natural patterns than the usual Winter varieties.

We really could do with a period of proper cold weather to get things back to the usual winter fishing patterns.

As we look ahead to Christmas – a little reminder that we offer Christmas vouchers for all types of Day Tickets and memberships – so if you would like a different gift for a friend or family member just drop us am email and we can get a presentation package off to you.

We are open all over the Christmas period – and are only closed on Christmas Day – so if you fancy a breath of fresh air please pop down to visit us, the wood burner will be lit and the coffee and cake will be ready and waiting for you, although you may have had enough to eat… We look forward to welcoming members and day anglers…

We would like to take this opportunity to wish all our member and visitors a very Happy Christmas, and a healthy 2016.

Martin and Caroline

Water Temp: 13 degrees

Largest Fish:
Blue 4lb J Richards
Rainbow 9lb 60z B Stokes
Char 5lb I Hoper
Brown 6lb 8oz J Smith

Martins Early November Report

October turned out to be one of the warmest Autumn months on record which had an effect on the lakes, at the beginning of the month the water temperatures were dropping with frosty nights and everything appeared normal, however since the second week of October we have had abnormal warm days and nights, all of which has resulted in the water temperatures rising, something I don’t recall ever happening before in October.

All of this had a strange effect on the lakes with the fishing become much slower, feeding with buzzer being the main fly found when spooned.

We started stocking Char at the beginning of October, resulting in great sport, with most fish being caught between 3 – alb in weight, these fish are very strong so please check you are using at least 6lb leader and periodically check for wind knots, I don’t like to see these amazing fish being lost due to poor tackle.

With the lakes being warmer, try smaller patterns, and if you see a shoal of Char go into stealth mode using small buzzer and bloodworm.

During October we have seen some great specimen fish coming out with lovely Rainbows, Char and Blues making up some large bags, although sadly I have to note we are having a little trouble with members and day anglers ignoring the No Catch and Release Policy that we have at Duncton, and a number of anglers have been putting fish back – we have a zero tolerance policy on Catch and Release, and anyone caught returning fish will be asked to leave the water immediately – I am sorry to appear harsh, sadly a minority of anglers can seriously damage the quality of fishing for other anglers…

We have had a couple of charity days in October with the Nymfs Charity raising a fantastic amount of money for Elinor Childrens Hospice and The Chestnut Tree House Childrens Hospice, and Bernard Cribbins hosting a charity day for Paratroopers – this event was a hugely successful event with a large donation being made to this amazing charity for our service personnel.

Although this sounds odd I am looking forward to some more usual Winter weather with colder days and nights, with some lovely early morning frosts, this should get the fish hitting hard…

It may be a little early to be thinking of Christmas, although the John Lewis Christmas advertisement has appeared on the television over the weekend… please remember a days fishing voucher or a membership at Duncton Mill could be the perfect gift for a member of the family or friend, we can provide a gift packages to suit all budgets.

As always please follow our twitter feed for all the latest news and events.

Tight Lines

Martin and Caroline

Water Temp: 14 degrees
Heaviest Fish
C Dodd – Brown – 7lb
I Dunck – Char – 5lb 7oz
P Wiltshire – Blue – 5lb 12oz
G Wooler – Rainbow – 8lb 14oz
B Tauton – Tiger – 5lb 1oz

Martins Early October Report

September was a strange month with lovely weather towards the end, in actual fact it was the most settled period of weather that we have had since June, all the sun kept the fish deep during the day with some good evening rises particularly to Dry Daddy, small flies were the order of the day with Blue Damsel, Damsel, Montana and Black Buzzer being the best patterns.

There have been a number of large stock fish coming out of the lakes, with a number of anglers getting broken leaders, make sure you check your tippet regularly to avoid this happening.

There are a good number of large Browns in the lakes at the minute, they are proving to be great fighting fish, and a number of members have come away from the lakes empty handed, with stories of ‘the one that got away’

With the lake temperatures just getting down to 14.5 degrees I was pleased to be able to start stocking Char again – these really are superb looking muscle bound fish, most of them are in the 3-4lb range so if you connect with one – expect a stream train on the end of your line…

We are now open to Day Tickets for the Winter season, please see full details of prices on the tariff page of the web site, don’t forget we have a loyalty scheme running, please ask when you visit.

For all anglers members and day tickets please follow my twitter account for daily updates on what is going on at the fishery.
We look forward to a busy Winter period with lots of rain throughout the night and glorious sunny days – I should be so lucky !

Water Temperature 14.5 degrees

Largest Fish
Rainbow – P Vagg 12lb 7oz
Blue – J Smith 8lb
Char – P Williams 3lb
Brown – P Smart 4lb 12oz

Martins Early September Report

August turned out to be a typical British Summer month, with fairly inclement weather, which resulted in fairly consistent fishing for the month. Water temperatures hardly dropped which meant that fish were slow to feed – again typically for the month the best methods have been sunk lines with small patterns, the best flies were Diawl Bach and Black Buzzer.

Writing this report on at the beginning of a sunny week, you could guess that the kids have gone back to school…

Hopefully the water temperatures won’t warm up too much as the cooler nights last week resulted in the water temperatures dropping, this meant that I could begin to stock big fish again – it was nice to see an 8lb Blue come out on Sunday.

We will now stock larger fish in all the lakes for the colder Winter period, this will include some lovely 5-6lb Browns. It is interesting that there is still a shoal of Char in Birch which survived right through the Summer, although they have avoided most flies that have been flung at them ! Once the water temperatures drop to 14 degree’s we will begin stocking the Char again for the Winter season, these are going to provide great sport with most of them being 3-4lb – it could be like an express train on the end of your line !!!

I hate to say this on this glorious warm afternoon, but hopefully some proper Autumnal weather will arrive soon as we really need some heavy rain… fish farmers are a funny old lot..

Enjoy your fishing and we look forward to seeing you beside the lakes soon.

Tight Lines

Water Temperature 18 degrees

Heaviest Fish
Blue – 8lb caught by Mr J Smith
Brown – 5lb 8oz caught by Mr J Richards
Rainbow – 4lb 8oz caught by Mr M Davidge
Artic Char – 3lb Mr L Peters


Ians Handy Tips

September is the exiting month to fish the Daddy Longlegs ,dry or sunk . Fish it around the weed beds before the first frosts kill them off .

My all time favourite Daddy’s are the sunk Green Arsed UV Daddy as in this August Trout Fisherman mag Issue 474 page 22 , see also on this page the Yellow Daddy worth a cast or two.

Also try dry Hoppers in Black ,Ginger and Red versions, they can be very rewarding even if they sink .Also around the weed try a Corixa pattern and watch the leader on the drop.

For Dry’s also try Bobs Bits and Bibio if fish are rising.

Other suggestions include the ever indispensable Blue Flash Damsel, size 12 White and Black Nomads with DAM Green or Yellow long head whipping. Cats whisker ,Blood Worm, Red Hollow Dawl Bach,Red Thorax Cruncher,Gold Rib Hairs Ear (GRHE)

Tight Lines

Martins Early August Report

July ended up as a typical hot month with warm day and night temperatures, the water temperatures shot up at the beginning of the month and then held at around 23 degrees for most of the month, this obviously slowed the fishing up with the fish sinking into the depths and going off the feed. It was possible to catch by dropping deep or fishing in the evening, the best methods during this hot spell was small patterns such as black buzzer fished with a slow retrieve.

The last week of the month saw a change of weather, with cooler nights this resulted in a slight drop of the water temperature, which in turn got the fish moving on Rosies and Coot – there were some excellent rises on Rosies, particularly on marquee bay. During this time some excellent fish were caught in the bay, with the biggest being a 12lb 4 oz caught by Richard Moon, a picture of this together with some great catches are on our twitter feed, incidentally for current news and action follow our twitter account. I anticipate that we will have another hot month with high temperatures resulting in high water temperatures before we can look forward to those cooler September days.

We hope that you have a restful enjoyable Summer – enjoy your fishing.

Tight Lines
Martin and Caroline

Water Temperature 22 degrees

Heaviest Fish
Rainbow – Mr Moon 12lb 4oz
Artic Char – Mr Woolgar 2lb 4oz
Brown – Mr Murrey 3lb 8oz

July Report

We are now well into the Summer – hot weather with Wednesday being the hottest July day on record, as you can imagine the water temperatures are now shooting up, this sort of weather with hot nights gives no respite for the lakes with resulting high water temperatures, this means that we are now running the main lakes at a temperature of 22 degrees with Birch a little cooler. This means that the fish are staying in all the deep water areas during the day, and feeding late in the evening. If you visit Duncton during the day in this hot weather fish Birch and go deep, the best flies are Blue Damsel, PTN, and Black Buzzer, if you fish Rosies or Coot try a sink line and drop the fly into all the deep parts of the lake. We are getting great evening rises on Birch and Rosies, and at these times try a Dry Black Gnat or Alder.

As you can imagine cold water trout are only just surviving in these conditions and many fisheries are losing fish, we are fortunate here at Duncton as the lakes are spring fed which makes a huge difference and keeps the fish relatively happy!

To help your fishing, please read Ians report to gain a few tips at this challenging time of year.

Some fly suggestions for those for hot and difficult Dog Days in July and August.

These two months can be most frustrating if the days are hot and sunny. Early mornings or the cooler late evenings is best time to try for an elusive summer trout.

When the sun eventually goes down the wind tends to drops and it can be a magic time. You just won’t credit just how many fish are now showing out there in the lakes.
For day time fishing try.

Blue flash Damsel or a orange version, if fishing over weed on Rosie’s or Coot try using an un- weighted Damsel imitations such as the Prime Dandy.

Gold Rib Hairs Ear, Pheasant Tail and of course some small Buzzers in black, green or red. My current favourite is the Copper John size 12.

Later on in August, try a Dry or Sunk Daddy also Hoppers in black, ginger or wine colour, they do work fished dry or sunk on retrieves so also the traditional Bibio can be well worth a try.

If you stay late and lucky to see a big rise then try Grey Duster size 14 or 16, Shipman’s Buzzers, in orang or grey, or any Sedge imitation. Black also works in fading light as the silhouette is much more pronounced, they say?

For Lure’s (if you must) Cats Whisker in white /green or an all Orange version. Orange or Pink Blobs or the current favourite Blob called laughingly Rhubarb and Custard.

It seems to work for some on hot sunny days, do not know what trout make of it but it catches generally when pulled fast.

Tight Lines.

Water Temperature 22 degrees

Best Fish
John Dockerill  – Blue 2lb 1oz
J Smith – Rainbow 9lb
P Lansoon – Brown 5lb 3oz
P Smart – Artic Char 2lb 4oz

June Report

May was an interesting month with quite unseasonable weather – temperatures have stayed pretty constant with many days having quite a cold wind, all of this has resulted that in the four weeks of May the water temperatures only rose 1.5 degrees from start t finish. This is quite unusual for May, but this will be good in the long term as it will take longer for the temperatures to peek once the warmer weather eventually arrives.

Following on from the very lake week growth last year the weed in the lakes has been incredibly late growing this year and we have only had to cut one small area on Rosies so far – Coot as the minute has no growth at all. Some of you may have noticed that Rosies has had a alight algae growth for a time in May, this was due to the lack of weed. Basically the weed uses available nutrients to grow, if there is n’t any weed these nutrients are freely available, at which point single cell algae will flourish. This is why for management reasons we want some weed growth, for those of you who fish reservoirs this is the reason you get large algae growths at this time of year – basically there are large amounts of nutrients available with no weed.

Coming back to Duncton – in the last week the weed is slowly growing, with the result that the water in Rosies is clearing, we are often asked why we don’t cut all the weed out, hopefully the explanation above makes things a little clearer.

During May the fish have stayed quite low during the day, with Intermedate lines or sink tp working well, the best patterns have been B;acl Buzzer Blue Damsel and PTN, we are now getting large eveningrises on Rosies and Birch and still have a shoal of Char in Birch which are getting more and more wily, a few get caught each week with a little bit of stalking you can be successful in catching one. The largest Char of the season was caught by Mr Dodd a couple of weeks ago weighing in at 4lb.

The Char are growing well on the farm and we will have some lovely specimens this Autumn.

I know that some of you are new to the sport or may need a little advice on the best ways to fish at Duncton, so with that in mind I am getting Ian Hoper one of our instructors to give a few tips each month, so please read his words of wisdom, as Ian is a very accomplished angler.

We look forward to a lovely Summer, and we hope you enjoy your fishing at Duncton….

Tight Lines
Martin and Caroline

Water Temp 17.5 degrees

Heaviest Fish
P Neale – Brown Trout 4lb 10oz
C Dodd – Arctic Char 4lb
A Dobson – Blue 3lb 8oz
C Turner – Rainbow 5lb 8oz

Ians Handy Tips

Flys to try for June Fishing

Looking back to 2000 in my fly fishing diary June can be a difficult month to catch if its very bright warm and sunny, the preferred weather is damp, overcast with low pressure, however evenings can be very exciting, if you stay late enough there are fish rising all over the lakes.

My recommended fly’s to try for June
Montana or Nomads inn black and green, Blue Flash Damsel, Cats Whisker white and green, all trusty fish takers especially on Birch with a sunk line.

For Rosies, Coot and Alder fish a floating line and try Blood Worm or APS Bloodworm deep, Blue Flash damsel small one inch Long american Damsel.

Others for June are black, green or red buzzers, Dawl Bach red head, Gold Head Rib hairs Ear, Copper John, Green or orange Thorax Pheasant Tails.

Watch the long leader for takes on the drop with all buzzers.

Dry Fly’s to try are orange or ginger Bob Bits, Invicta, Deer Hair Sedge, Black or Wine Hoppers, Hawthorne Fly and if they are on Caenis try Grey Dusters or Shipmans Buzzers on as small hooks as you can manage or tie on in the failing gloom.

However if all else fails try an Orange Blob fished fast…

Tight Lines
Ian Hoper