Martins Early May Report

I am writing this on a rather nasty windy day with heavy showers which sums up the past few weeks. A month ago we were in that gorgeous warm weather which saw the water temperatures rising sharply which resulted in lots of insect life. The water temperature rose quickly to 15 degrees, but they have now stayed the same for the past couple of weeks, due to the cold wind.

We have been experiencing some excellent evening rises, particularly on Rosies – please note if you are coming to fish the rise the best time is the hour before dark, I do get anglers saying they didn’t see a rise, the problem being that they left at 7pm !

During the warmer spell we had some good sedge hatches during the day, which resulted in some good day time rises. At the present time the best patterns have been Black Buzzer, Damsel, Montana and Blue Damsel. It has been interesting that we are still getting Char coming out, mainly to very small patterns.

Hopefully with Summer on its way we shall begin to see some good insect life on the lakes, so the best methods will be floating lines and natural pattern flies, if you are fishing the evening rise try Black Gnat, Black Ant or Alder.

We look forward to seeing you on the lakes, and hope you enjoy your visits.

Water Temp 15 degrees

Biggest Fish
Brown – Mr P Neale 4lb 10oz
Char Mr P Woad 3lb 8oz
Rainbow Julie Slack 7lb 12 oz

Early April Report

Writing this on the 1st of April I would like to wish all our members and visitors a happy and peaceful Easter.

March proved to be quite a cold month with the east wind on a number of days keeping a nasty chill across the water, this meant that the fish kept deep with intermediate lines working best, on the odd warm day a few fish started moving, a sign of things to come…

The colder conditions kept the vegetation back, with the daffodils just blooming and the trees only just budding out.

We stopped stocking the Char in mid March, but they are still being caught now, and are fighting like trains, so if you are lucky enough to catch one you will have some great sport. We will now continue to grow the rest on which will be fun for October when we will be stocking them again.

As the water begins to warm, the fish will soon start to rise again and the best methods will be floating lines using Blue Damsel or Black Buzzer.

Please remember to check out our Twitter feed by clicking on the icon at the top right hand side of the home page on the web site, you will find up to date information regarding fishing conditions and recent catches, there are some photographs of a group of anglers enjoying lunch in the club room, as one of our members chose to hold his birthday celebrations at Duncton, he and his friends enjoyed a great days fishing and a lovely lunch, so if any members would like to get a group of friends together for a days fishing, just speak to one of us.

We are now entering into a busy period so please keep a note of any closed dates that we have, we look forward to seeing you on the fishery and enjoying good sport.

Martin and Caroline

Water Temp 10 degrees

Biggest Fish
Arctic Char 3lb Mr C Dodd
Rainbow – 5lb 4oz Mr S Wills
Brown – 4lb 12oz Mr r Burgess

March Report

February turned out to be quite a nasty month weather wise with lots of cold windy wet days – the sort of days that you prove you are either a very keen angler or slightly mad…

Despite the poor weather, it was a great month for fishing, with all the lakes fishing well, interestingly the fish stayed near the surface during the dull days and only dropped down deep on the sunny days, this meant that floating or intermediate lines were the most successful, with the usual flies of Mantana, Blue Damsel and Buzzer variations being best, it has been one of the only Winters where lures such as Cats Whisker have not worked, in fact I don’t think I have sold one from the shop all Winter!

As we now move into the warmer weather the same patterns will carry on working with P.T.N, GRHE and Dawl Bach joining the list of successful flies.

At the time of writing this report we are probably in the last week of stocking Char before the water becomes warmer – I dare say that anglers will be catching the residue stock well into the Spring. These beautiful fish have been a great success, not only for their fighting capabilities but their lovely taste. We will be stocking them again in October when the water temperatures drop again, they will be in the 3lb – 5lb range by then – look out for some screaming reels…

Please make a note of the days when the fishery is shut in the Spring to avoid disappointment, if you could also note that on closed days we are closed all day, even after the clients have gone, as it is at these times, that we deal with vermin and the fishery and I have to know that there are no anglers on the water for health and safety reasons.

We now look forward to the warm Spring days, rising fish and look forward to seeing you on the lakes soon, don’t forget to follow us on twitter, even if you don’t have a twitter account just click on the twitter icon at the top of the web site page and it will take you to the link with all the day to day updated information.

As always if you have any queries regarding your fishing at Duncton, please either call the office number or drop us an email.

Martin and Caroline

Water Temp 8 degrees

Biggest Fish in February
Arctic Char – Mr J Wilson 3lb 10oz
Rainbow – Mr J Gibson-Brown 5lb 4 oz
Brown – Mr P Davidson 4lb 12oz

February Report

It has been a very successful Winters fishing with excellent sport on all the lakes, the weather hasn’t been too bad, with a number of beautiful crisp sunny days in between the usual wet, cold, damp days.

It has been a busy Winter with anglers enjoying hard fighting fish, the Arctic Char have proved a great edition this Winter, we started stocking them with the colder weather in October and will continue stocking them until the end of February. We have had 300 plus Char out so far, and everyone comments on hard they fight and how good they taste.
We will be stocking them again next Winter when they will be in the 3lb – 5lb range, which should be good fun.

It was interesting with the warmer Autumn temperatures in the lakes, how late it was that the weed fully died, this resulted in a large amount of aquatic life in the lakes, this has meant that more natural patterns have worked right through the Winter with the usual Winter patterns of Cats Whisker and Bloodworm not being very successful.

As you are aware we now have a new web site and our thanks go to Michael Smith Design, who has been very patient with us in creating the site, which we are really please with.

Although we are not trending on twitter quite yet, we are tweeting everyday, giving up to date information on the condition of the lakes, photographs of recent catches, and just general up to date information on whats going on at Duncton, just click on the twitter icon at the top of the home page of the web site, and you can access Duncton Mill’s twitter feed, without having a twitter account.

We are still open to Day Anglers throughout February so come along and enjoy a day beside the lakes – you can be assured of great fishing, and a warm welcome together with complimentary tea, coffee and home made cake.

Our thoughts now turn to the Spring and we look forward to those warmer days and rising fish.

We look forward to seeing you again soon.

Martin and Caroline

Best Fish in December and January
Mr J Dockerill 6lb Brown
Mr B Burgess 3lb 12 oz Blue
Mr D Fish 6lb 8oz Tiger
Mr Jury 8lb 12 oz Rainbow

Martins December and January Report


CHRISTMAS GIFTSA days fishing at Duncton makes the perfect gift – or why not treat someone to a whole years membership!

Writing this we are finally starting to get some cold weather blowing in, its quite a shock after such a long warm Autumn. Fishing has been excellent throughout November, with great sport on all the lakes. With the mild conditions the fish were near the top with quite a few fish taken on dries which is unusual for November. As you will know we have been stocking Artic Char for a month now and many anglers have had one of these lovely fish, they fight really well and also taste really good. It has been a surprise with the char that they have not gone deep and can usually be seen swimming about a foot down, and in fact they are often taking surface flies.

With the colder weather arriving the fish will start to drop in the water column with Winter patterns starting to work, best patterns ill be Blue Damsel, Bloodworm, Black Buzzer and Montana.

Don’t forget to take a look around our new web site and you can click onto the twitter icon to see whats happening on a daily basis – this will be especially useful for fly tips and if we get icy weather I can update daily the conditions on the lakes.

During the Winter remember the log fire will be burning away and Carolines cakes will keep coming so if you need refuge on a cold day you know where to go.

We are open every day except Christmas Day – so if you are in need of a breath of fresh air to blow the cobwebs away, come and visit us over the Christmas holidays.

All it remains to say is we wish all our members and day tickets a Happy Christmas and New Year.

Tight Lines

Water Temperature 6 degrees

Best Fish in November
Arctic Char – 3lb J Brown
Rainbow – 8lb 6oz I Hoper
Brown – 2lb 12 oz B Hughs
Blue – 4lb J Russell

November Report

We have been enjoying some excellent fishing in the last couple of months with great sport on all the lakes.

The weather has been all over the place, with very warm days through September and October, this has meant that we still have quite warm water temperatures for the time of year.

As you will know from your own gardens, the grass has loved this warm weather, and at this rate we will be grass cutting on Christmas Eve!!!

The warm water has resulted in late fly activity, as well as a good daddy hatch – this has kept the fish near the surface which has resulted in most of the fish being caught on floating lines. The best flies through this period have been Blue Damsel and Daddies.

In mid October the water temperature had dropped enough to start stocking The Artctic Char, these lovely fish have been giving great sport and give a terrific fight – and I am reliably told that they taste really good. They can been seen in the lakes quite easily because of their distinguishing white edge to their pectoral and pelvic fins. Once the water temperature drops a little more we will be stocking them in Rosie’s and Coot, bearing in mind we bought these eggs from the Hood River in Alaska, they would probably love it if we had 3 foot of snow on the ground and the odd Brown Bear running around!

We now look forward to a busy Winter period with hopefully some great sport on all the lakes.
Let’s hope the weather stays reasonable and we can enjoy some great Winter fishing.

With cooler weather on the way, bear in mind that the fish will start to go deeper, with Winter patterns starting to work.

One thing to say with our new website up and running, is a huge thank you to David Hall, one of our members who has looked after the old site so well, and has put up with my bad spelling for long enough!

I am now being dragged into the modern age and you will see that we have Twitter on the web site, I will be tweeting every day to keep you up to date of what is happening in terms of news, conditions, fish catches etc, all of which should hopefully help everyone involved with the club to enjoy their sport more.

Day anglers, don’t forget to pick up your loyalty card, and look out for the special offers on membership.

We look forward to welcoming you Duncton Mill very soon.


First Artic Charr Caught!

Arctic Charr at Duncton Mill Fishery
Mr Derek Sansom caught our first Arctic Charr from Birch Lake on 15th October. It went like a torpedo apparently. Duncton Mill Fishery will be stocking these great fish right through the winter.

Martin’s September 2014 report on Duncton fishing

Well, what a Summer! All that continuous hot weather took its toll on the lakes with temperatures holding 24 degrees for most of August. These really high temperatures slowed the fishing, with the fish holding in the deeper areas to find the cooler water. For those fishing in the right places or the evening fishing proved reasonably productive, with the best flies being very small patterns, with black buzzer being the best option.

Thankfully the water temperatures began to drop at the end of August which got the fishing going on all the lakes. Fish are now starting to move on the surface with some good evening rises. The best patterns at the minute are black buzzer, montana and damsel. As we move into the cooler weather the fish should start moving even more with hopefully some good action to daddy log legs.

Once water temperatures drop to about 12 degrees we will be able to start stocking the Arctic Char, which we have been growing on in the farm over the past 2 years. These lovely looking fish should give some great sport through the Winter months.

A date for your diary – don’t forget we are running our Fishing For Hero’s Charity Day on Saturday 8th November. The idea as usual will be to enjoy a great day’s fishing and raise some money for a very worthy cause. For further information please call the office.

Please remember to use the club room, take a break from fishing, have a coffee, and piece of home made cake, and flick through a magazine.

If you have a group of friends or work colleagues who fancy a days fishing or who may want to learn to fish please speak to us and we can arrange a great day for experienced and novice anglers, we can also arrange shooting and other outdoor activities.

Enjoy the Autumn fishing and we look forward to welcoming you to Duncton soon.

Tight Lines,

Martin, Caroline, and Roger

Trout Masters

Duncton Mill Fishery

James Foulcher won the junior troutmasters title. Here he is with his Dad and Grandad, which was fitting as we all know as parents how much running around all these things take!

Fishing for Heroes 2014

It’s a long time away, but thought we would let you know the date for the popular event, so that you can put the it in your diary! This year our heat will be held on Saturday 8th November 2014. This has proved a fun event in the past – with a morning’s fishing followed by one of Caroline’s yummy lunches!

As usual the idea is to get sponsorship and raise as much money as possible for this worthy charity. If you would like to book your place or need any further details please call the office or see us at the fishery.